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Creamy Mango Milkshake Recipe


Creamy Mango Shake || Mango Milkshake || How to make Mango Shake with step by step photos and video

Mango milkshake is a literally creamy, delicious, and mouthwatering refreshing drink, mango milkshake is the perfect drink to enjoy when mangoes are at their peak of the season.                                                                                                

This milkshake is prepared by simply blending mango chunks and mix with heavy cream and sugar syrup. here I would like to tell you I added an additional ingredient heavy cream to bring rich creamy flavor in the shake

For the best result follow my detailed step by step photo instructions tips and video below 


You can variations:

This mango shake recipe are made by simply blending chopped ripe and sweet mangoes with dairy milk and cream. but there are several ways to customize your drink with different ingredients

My Latest Video Creamy Mango Milkshake

Cream: When you add some heavy cream to any shake you get an extra thick and creamy consistency. whipped cream also can also be added to top the milkshake before serving

Whole milk: Whole milk or full-fat milk gives the richest tasting shake, However, feel free to add low fat or skimmed milk if you prefer

Ice-cream: While blending adding a vanilla ice cream or mango ice cream will definitely make your mango shake thick, creamy, and more flavourful. mango and vanilla ice cream are the best types of ice-cream to include in this mango milkshake recipe

Ice-cubes: To thin the milkshake considerably, add 8-10 ice cubes while blending or mixing so that the milkshake is cold when it serves…


Tips to make the best milkshake:


Be careful to choose the mangoes. any variety of mango can be used, but I suggest avoiding the mangoes which are too much fibrous. I also prefer using sinri aam or choose. which are the best for making delicious mango shake as their pulp is so sweet and smooth instead of fibrous. also do not use sour or semi-sweet can cause stomach aches. sour mangoes also curdle the milk and cream 


As mentioned, you can use whole milk, low-fat skim milk. but avoid using milk powder as milk powder doesn’t work as fresh milk/Tatra milk pack. using powder milk means compromise with taste of the shake


Using mangoes which are very sweet then do not need to add any extra sugar or sweeteners to the milkshake, if not quite sweet enough feel free to add sugar or maple syrup, honey while mixing or blending


Use good brand heavy cream or fresh cream both are best for bringing rich creamy flavor in a milkshake. 


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Combine the mango chunks into the blender and blend to a smooth puree



Transfer mango puree into another bowl



Next,add heavy cream 




And sugar syrup


Stir to combine very well


Transfer into the jug and pour chilled milk along with crushed ice

With crushed ice    

Mix very well until everything is incorporated


Creamy mango shake is ready to serve


Chilled serve and Enjoy! 




Mango milkshake is a literally creamy, delicious, and mouthwatering refreshing drink, mango milkshake is the perfect drink to enjoy.....


  1. 400g, ripe and sweet mango chunks
  2. 80g, heavy cream
  3. 100g, sugar syrup/maple syrup
  4. 175ml, chilled milk
  5. Crushed ice, as required

How to make a creamy mango milkshake?

Making mango puree: combine the mango chunks into the blander and blend to a smooth puree.Transfer mango puree into another bowl

Mixing Milkshake: Next, add heavy cream and sugar syrup, Stir to combine very well. Transfer the mango mixture into the jug. Then pour chilled milk along with crushed ice. Mix very well until everything is incorporated

Serving: Creamy mango shake is ready to serve.Chilled serve and Enjoy! 

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