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Balushahi Sweet Recipe


Balushahi Sweet || Balu Shahi Recipe || How to Make Balushahi Recipe with step-by-step photos

Balushahi is a popular Pakistani-style glazed donut mainly made up of all-purpose flour and ghee. These are flaky and layered in texture. A piece of sweet you can’t resist, our Balushahi will tease your taste buds and be your perfect partner for festive get-togethers or celebrations. This traditional Pakistani dessert is a Donut like pastry that is made of Maida flour and clarified butter. 

Once deep-fried, it is then coated in sugar syrup to give you a taste that you would remember forever. This sweet has been delighting generations for a long time and we are sure that once you try it, you won’t be an exception.

As you know Eid-ul-Adha is upcoming and on eid, everyone makes sweet dishes at their home or buys sweets from the shop I thought should try to make it at home but very honestly I wasn’t sure at all that will be able to make it successfully yet I tried with all hopes and started to make it. Consequently, 4 trials failed which was disappointing. But then I realized my mistake and tried for the 5th time.

Yes…Woah I successfully made the famous balushahi at home better than the balushahi which we buy at the market. with so many trial and errors I got this absolutely flaky and light balushahi. I can say that this is a full-proof balushahi recipe if you follow this recipe you all should try it at home once you can better result than the market..
so let's begin 

Few Useful Tips For Recipe:

  1. The most important thing is the dough-making process. Do not knead or press too much dough for the perfect recipe.
  2. I made approx 1-inch diameter and ½-inch thick ball shapes for Balushahi.
  3. All the procedures were performed by me using my hands.
  4. I used clarified butter for dough making and ghee for frying to get the perfect traditional taste. You can even use oil
  5. You can use unsalted butter in spite of ghee for making the recipe.
  6. Measurement is very important for this recipe. Make sure you take the ingredients in the right quantity.
  7. If your gas burner flame is not low simmer, then bring the frying pan out of flame in between the frying procedures.
  8. Sugar syrup – take sugar and water in a pan and cook until the sugar gets dissolved properly. Keep the gas on the simmer gas flame and keep stirring in between. Take syrup on a spoon take a drop on your fingertip and stick another fingertip on it. Now stretch both fingertips slowly. You will see a string will form now. This is the stage we required for Balushahi.                                           

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Balushahi sweet

In a saucepan, add sugar and water, stir to mix well, and cook on low flame until sugar is dissolved continue cooking until the syrup becomes thick. then add the remaining syrup ingredients, stir to combine well set aside
Sugar syrup (sheera) is ready!


In a bowl put all ingredients and mix well until crumbled. gradually add water and mix until combined (don’t over-knead), cover, and let it rest for 30 minutes.

Note: it is collected like dough, do not knead the flour as we only have to, ix and collect it, The dough will require very little water. The harder the dough will be, the flakier will be balushahi.


Grease hands and working surface with oil
Flat the dough with the help of your palm and fold them a few times to form more layers. Shape the dough into a log and cut it into equal parts. 

Take a dough ball, and mash it with your fingers to soften the dough. Then place it between the palms of your hands and roll it. Make a deep dent in the center. Prepare all balushahi like this.


    In a wok, add ghee and let it melt, fry the dough on low flame for 20-25 minutes. After frying, add bhalo shahi in warm sugar syrup (sheera) leave them for 10-15 minutes, and take them out on a serving plate.


    Garnish with pistachio and Almond and serve.


    Chia Seeds Drink Recipe

    Chia seed drink || Tukh malanga ka sherbet || How to make chia seeds drink in two ways with step-by-step photos.... 

    Chia seeds are a  healthy and energetic drink that protects you from dehydration in hot weather and controls your thirst, chia seeds are loaded with healthy benefits, one ounce (28 g) serving of chia seeds contains 9 percent of the recommended daily value for protein, 13 percent of oil and 42 percent of the recommended daily intake of dietary fiber.

    Chia is a rich source of essential minerals including phosphorus and manganese as well as calcium and trace amounts of sodium and potassium, which all keep vital organs functioning properly.

    Chia seed makes them considered a "superfood is a rich source of omega 3 and in fact, has more Omega-3 than flax seed. Omega-3 fatty acids support brain and heart function, promote healthy skin and hair and may prevent and treat certain mild types of depression.

    So I thought I will make a beverage to put chia seed Tukh malanga is an ancient seed that many years ago people used to beat the heat  plus more useful for reducing stomach heat   

    I will make 2 types of chia seed drink so easy and quick recipe Ramadan isn’t so away at the iftar time this drink will give you satisfaction from thirst and will control drinking much water which is why nobody could be able to eat anything after iftar due to drinking lots water the end result weakness and this drink control your thirst and allow to have food according to your hunger 

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    chia seeds drinks

    To prepare this recipe firstly we boil the milk properly 

    Soak the chia seeds in a little water


    Add a little water to a jug then put sugar mix it then add ruh afzah it for 10 minutes


    After 10 minutes stir it well then add chilled water, chia seeds with water in which they are soaked, and lemon juice


    Mix them well then add crushed ice/cube it's your choice,Tukh malanga drink is ready to chill and served..


    Add a little water to a jug  then put sugar and ruh afzah togetherleave them for 5 minutes then stir to combine well until everything is incorporated


    Now pour ruh afzah mixture into the milk


    Add chia seeds with water in which they are soaked 


    Mix them well then add crushed ice/cube it's your choice


    Tukh malanga milk drink is ready to chill serve


    Falooda Ice-cream Recipe


    Falooda ice cream || Falooda Recipe || How to make Falooda ice cream with step-by-step photos... 

    Falooda is an ice-cream dessert that is popular in Pakistan/India and other countries too, this delicious dessert is made by layering chia seeds, vermicelli, and rose syrup, then topped with chilled milk and ice cream along with jelly lastly garnished with chopped pistachios, there is various type of falooda. I am sharing the basic one with ice cream

    Now this type of dessert at iftar/sehri will give satisfaction due to add chia seeds in it that is famous to control heat body temperature which is why don’t feel so much thirst and get relief from dryness mouth
    To make the falooda rich and creamy milk is boiled until it reduces and thickness slightly then chilled and used however you can get the same taste by using 1 extra scoop of ice cream in each serving glass, so lets the go-ahead to know how to make falooda ice-cream at home 

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    how to make falooda ice cream

    Heat the milk and add the sugar to it, stirring well until dissolved. You can also boil the milk until it reduces and thickness a bit, usually, the milk is boiled until it reduces to half, then chilled


    Let it cool down completely then Keep the milk in the refrigerator for around 3-4 hours till turns to chill foam


    In a bowl soak the chia seeds for a while.


    Drain them into a sieve if there is excess water


    In a pan add 2 cups water and bring to boil_Add vermicelli  and cook until just done, Follow the instruction on the pack, drain excess water, and set aside


    First, take a saucepan place it on the stove add ½  cup water bring to boil


    Remove from flame and add jelly powder mix well and pour into ice cube tray_set aside for 1/2 hour


    Jelly is ready to use in a recipe


    Coarsely crush the almond and pistachio


    You will need large-size serving glasses, Add jelly to the glass first if using, then add chia seeds, vermicelli, and rose syrup
    pour milk into the glass, Then scoop off the ice cream and add it to the glass sprinkle some pistachios and almond


    Serve falooda immediately


    Hot Chocolate Recipe

    hot chocolate recipe with step by step photos

    Hot chocolate || Chocolate Milkshake || How to Make Hot Chocolate with step-by-step photos.

    Hot Chocolate is a hot drink and a great combination of milk and chocolatea thick milky, and rich creamy flavor certainly a mouthwatering hot chocolate milkshake, It is usually made by mixing chocolate or cocoa powder and sugar with warm milk, Hot chocolate is usually drunk to make the drinker feel happier or warmer on winter nights

    Even though hot chocolate is usually drunk for enjoyment, it can also be good for the health, hot chocolate has a lot of an antioxidant that maybe the good for the health as well as a perfect hot chocolate beverage for the chocolate lovers
    You also check out chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream on my blog
    how to make hot chocolate

    Hot chocolate is prepared in several ways, one of the most common types are Italian and American style, but I made this hot beverage in my own style that isn't Italian nor American 
    It is considered an ancient recipe which is used as medicine in the 16-17 centuries

    I made more often winter nights enjoy it by sitting under the blanket, love to drink hot chocolate milk 
    I used 2 types of chocolate in this recipe cocoa powder and heavy cream

    You can use milk chocolate instead of cream, but I will prefer using heavy cream in this recipe, as this additional ingredient makes your hot cocoa milk rich creamy, and milkier, so once you must try my recipe trust me you will forget to drink hot chocolate outside the house

    hot chocolate

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    To prepare this recipe first we whip the chilled cream until it becomes fluffy and stiff peaks set aside


    Crush the white and brown chocolate and keep it aside 


    Boil the milk and then add sugar and stir to mix for around 2 minutes on medium flame until sugar is dissolved


    Keep stirring by adding cocoa  powder


    Once the cocoa powder is incorporated 


    Then add cream to the hot cocoa milk and stir to combine well further, Keep the flame down

    Dissolve both crushed chocolate with warm milk


    Now pour dissolved chocolate into the hot milk, further stir to mix well, and let it cook around 5 minutes on low flame       


    Take a separate mug and dissolve cornstarch with little water. Keep mixing by pouring cornstarch in milk, Constantly keep on stirring to prevent lumps


    Toward the end add chocolate essence

    Stir to combine well with the help of a whisker

    Keep whisking on low flame until chocolate milk turns fluffy. Turn off the flame                    


    Pour into serving glasses


    On the other hand, fill the piping bag with half of the whipped cream and garnish chocolate milk with whipped cream


    Then sprinkle grated brown chocolate on top of the cream


    You can garnish by choice, here I used half of the plain whipped cream for one glass of hot chocolate and in other one added cocoa powder with the half remaining whipped cream and mix them together

    And garnish other glasses with cocoa whipped cream and sprinkle grated white chocolate


    You can even garnish chocolate milk with marshmallows or serve plain
    hot chocolate recipe

    Delicious hot chocolate milk is ready to serve hot           

    Hot chocolatr recipe

    You can see in the below picture, how it looks yummy 
    hot chocolate recipe