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Anda Ghotala Recipe


Anda Ghotala| Egg scrambled is a spicy, flavorful and mashed recipe, a wholesome street style item with boiled, scrambled and sunny side up eggs served with bread or pav alongside paratha for mopping it up. It is a staple favorite breakfast,an easy and quick recipe 
Main ingredients are eggs, tomato, onion
But you can variation in it such as  boiled eggs with paneer by cutting into small cubes are added to make the dish more filling

An additional can be added peas, carrot, capsicum, and other similar vegetables to the dish, improving the dish taste and its nutritional value, but here I didn’t add any additional ingredients in this recipe but you can by choice
I make it more often for dinner because I love to have it at my dinner rather than breakfast, no time limitation of making this quick recipe whenever you want can be prepared even for best kids tiffin boxes are healthy and delicious, this recipe can be ready within 15 minutes if you have already boiled eggs in your fridge otherwise 10 minutes more increase in preparation time
inshallah my next post will be even for kids, stay tuned face    
so let's begin with step by step photos.
  1. Always boil the egg by putting salt in the water over high heat your eggs would never be crack
  2. To prepare this healthy egg ghotala can be made with additional vegetables like peas, potatoes, capsicum, paneer and spring onions
  3. This meal can be served as a lunch or dinner time other than breakfast as well

We need:


    Preparation of making egg ghotala:
    Firstly pour water with salt in the saucepan then put eggs carefully bring it to boil, allow to cook it around 10-12 minutes over high heat, then put in the cold water, remove the shell and coarsely chop them..
    Meantime collect all veggies and prepare them


    Making anda ghotala:
    Heat the oil in the pot/pan and put onions saute them for 2-3 minutes over medium heat
    Put remaining veggies to the sauteed onions then stir to mix well


    Combine all dry spices powder to the onion masala, stir to combine well and then add dried mint leaves and further stir to mix well


    Splash a little water to the onion masala and cook for 2 minutes, put egg chunks to the onion spices and stir to combine well over low heat


    Stir and slightly mash egg masala then sprinkle some freshly crushed black peppercorn and add fresh coriander leaves simmer it for a minute over a very low flame


    Quick and easy anda ghotala is done


    Egg ghotala can be served with bread loafbun burger and paratha with tea or coffee 

    How to make a recipe?

    Anda Ghotala| Egg scrambled is a spicy, flavorful, and mashed recipe, a wholesome street style item with boiled, scrambled, and sunny side up eggs..

    1. 3 pcs, boiled eggs
    2. 1 medium, onion
    3. 1 medium, tomato fresh/frozen
    4. ½ tsp, dried/fresh mint leaves
    5. ½ tsp, red chili powder
    6. ½ tsp, black peppercorn freshly crushed
    7. Salt to taste
    8. 50ml,oil/ghee
    9. 1 tbsp, coriander leaves
    10. 3-5, medium green chili
    1. Heat the oil in the pan/pot and add onion,sauté them for 2-3 minutes
    2. Then add tomato and green chilies stir to mix well over low-medium heat until onion gets soft
    3. Now combine all spices black pepper powder, salt, red chili powder stir to combine well 
    4. Then add dried mint leaves you can add fresh mint and coriander leaves a place of it
    5. At this stage, you can adjust salt and red chili to taste
    6. splash a little water to the pot so that couldn’t burn onion spices
    7. Cook onion slices for 2-3 minutes over low heat then add chopped eggs to the spices
    8. Note: if you want to add other vegetables and paneer etc then put them first roast them with the onion spices for 2-3 minutes before adding eggs to the onion spices
    9. Stir and slightly mash eggs and sprinkle crushed black peppercorn and add some fresh coriander leaves over it.
    10. Simmer it for 2 minutes over low heat
    11. Now anda ghotala is ready to serve as a breakfast or lunch
    12. Anda ghotala can be served with bread loaf,bun burger and paratha with tea or coffee 
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