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Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe


Choco banana smoothie| Chocolate banana Smoothie
How to make a chocolate banana smoothie with step-by-step photos

Choco Banan smoothie is a delicious and healthy drink power Powercharge your day with this Chocolate Banana Smoothie made with velvety milk blended with a banana! For additional creaminess and fun, top with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles.

Especially for your growing kids, you should make a habit to your child that they avoid having soft fizzy drinks which are unhealthy and harmful to their health 

Lately, I’ve been on a smoothie craze, whenever I finish working out, I love making and enjoying my favorite smoothies. I’ve previously shared recipes for pineapple orange banana smoothiespeach mango smoothiesstrawberry banana smoothies, and how to make healthy smoothies on Just One Cookbook.

Adding vanilla ice cream makes the taste super delicious and creamy, but you can simple chocolate banana smoothie without ice cream this is optional

How to make this Smoothie?
This a very easy and quick recipe you just need a few ingredients to make this yummy smoothie banana, crushed chocolate powder cocoa powder, milk, ice cream, yogurt, and crushed ice

How much time to make this Drink?
It will hardly take 10-12 minutes to make this healthy smoothie
Firstly cut the bananas into slices, Grate the chocolate to make powder.
Note: you can use any kind of chocolate
Crushed ice cubes. Pour the homemade chocolate syrup into another bowl

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Add the crushed ice to the mixing jug, then put the banana slices

Add yogurt

Then add crushed chocolate powder

Now add cocoa powder

Put vanilla ice cream

Just adding other flavors will change the real taste of the smoothie

Right after pouring milk into the jug

Blend them together

Blend well till turns to a smooth texture_Smoothie is done

Now take a glass and garnish it with chocolate syrup it is optional

    Pour the prepared smoothie into the glass

    You can even serve smoothies just sprinkle some chocolate on top

    Power your day with this Chocolate Banana Smoothie made with velvety milk blended with banana...
    1. 2 ½ cups, crushed ice
    2. 2 cups, of banana
    3. 2 tbsp, yogurt
    4. 8 tbsp, crushed chocolate powder
    5. 2 tbsp, cocoa powder
    6. 5 scoops, of vanilla ice cream optional
    7. 2 cups, of milk
    8. Chocolate syrup as required for garnishing optional
    How to Make a Chocolate Banana Smoothie?
    1. In a mixing jug add crushed ice
    2. Then add banana, yogurt, chocolate powder, cocoa powder, milk, and vanilla ice cream
    3. Blend them together   
    4. Till turns to a smooth texture
    5. Now take a glass
    6. Drizzle it with chocolate syrup for garnishing
    7. It’s optional you can skip this step
    8. Just sprinkle some crushed chocolate then chill and serve
    9. Pour the smoothie into the glass
    10. Now Chocó banana smoothie is ready to chill and serve
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