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Chapli Kabab Burger Recipe

chapli kabab burger with step by step photos and video

Chapli Kabab Burger || Chapli Burger Recipe || How to Make Chapli Burger with step-by-step photos  and video

Chapli Kabab Burger is a delicious and relish snack for all age groups people, This is a Pakistani version that is prepared with chapli kebabsauce, and a fresh burger bun ever heard of chapli kabab burger? Most people would say no not at all but fortunately today I am sharing the Peshawari chapli kabab burger easy, quick, and delicious the best fast food snack that you can make for your family, friends, and relatives at home 

If you have prepared sauce and chapli kebab is already in your fridge you can make it within half an hour, It comes in the category of Fast Food or say family of Beef Burger with a bit of difference
chapli burger recipe

My Latest Video Chapli Burgers:

Chapli kabab also known as Peshawari Kabab, belongs to the local cuisine of Khyber PakhtunkhwaLike most kebabs, chapli kebabs taste so good when fried and served right away. However, if needed, you may fry and freeze them after cooling down. Then when hunger calls, warm the batch in the oven at 300ยบ F, for 15 minutes. you can make sandwiches and burgers both from chapli kebab

I have already shared my Peshawari chapli kabab recipe in my previous post as well as the Kashmiri red sauce recipe
Here I am using my Homemade Burgers Bun for making chapli kabab burgers but you can use a readymade burger bun which is available easily at any store, I am giving a link to chapli kebabred sauce, and bun burgers below the ingredients list

how to make chapli burgers

I made 3 Peshawari chapli burgers you can make as needed Additionally I don’t use tomato ketchup just because personally I don’t like much but you can use it, especially when you are going to serve to the kids

Recipe Tips:
  1. To prepare this chapli burger is better if you prepare all ingredients before serving so that when the time comes to serve you can assemble it within 15 minutes
  2. This healthy fast food snack can be given to the kid’s tiffin boxes
  3. To enhance the taste you can mix grated cabbage with mayonnaise  
chapli kabab burger recipe

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chapli kabab burgers

To prepare chapli burgers first make chutney for this take a small mixing bowl take out 6 tbsp red sauce to the bowl and add whisked yogurt in it, then mix together until well combined keep aside


Heat the oil in the pan and slide chapli kebabs carefully and fry them on high-medium heat from both sides keep aside


Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


Cut the burgers into half and toast them on tawa from both sides over a low flame, spread red sauce over each bun slice...


Place a chapli kabab after spreading the sauce over the bun slice..drizzle some red sauce over the kebabs you can drizzle some ketchup instead of the sauce 


Now place onion and cucumber slices on top of the kebab, at this stage, you can add grated cabbage with onions, finely place another bun slice on top


Now carefully transfer the burgers to low-medium hot Tawa and toast them slightly from both sides, can be even toasted with butter, Transfer to the serving dish/plate and cut into half chapli burger is ready


Serve a hot chapli kabab burger with crispy French friestomato ketchup, and red sauce with hot tea or coffee...

how to make chapli kabab burger

Chapli Kabab Burger is a delicious and relish snack for all age groups people, this is the Pakistani version which is prepared with chapli kebab, sauce, and burger buns...

  1. 3, Homemade Burger Bun 
  2. 6 tbsp, Kashmiri red sauce 
  3. 3 tbsp, homemade yogurt
  4. 3, chapli kababs 
  5. As required, ghee/oil
  6. 1, medium onion
  7. 7-9, cucumber slices
  8. 2 tbsp, ketchup optional
For Serving:
  1. French fries
  2. Red sauce with yogurt mixed 
How to make the Chapli Burger?
  1. Cut the burger into half pieces, then place a skillet/tawa on the stove and spread 1 tsp oil/ghee on the tawa heat it
  2. Place burger slices on medium hot tawa and lightly toast them from both sides over very low heat
  3. Note: Don’t turn on high or medium flame otherwise your burger slices may burn from the bottom
  4. Transfer to the bun slices on the tray/plat and apply red sauce over the burger slices
  5. Then place chapli kebab
  6. Note, at this stage, you can drizzle tomato ketchup over the kebab instead of the red sauce
  7. Right after place onions and cucumber slices one on top of the other
  8. Note: Here you can use grated cabbage I don’t have it available at home this is the reason I didn’t use
  9. Lastly, place other burger slices on top 
  10. Then again place burgers on a medium-hot skillet/Tawa
  11. Toast carefully from both sides over very low heat
  12. You can toast the burger with butter to enhance the taste of the burger
  13. Repeat the same process with the remaining chapli burger
  14. Transfer to the serving dish
  15. Cut into half pieces now chapli burger is ready
  16. Serve a hot chapli kabab burger with crispy French friestomato ketchup, and red sauce with hot tea or coffee...
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