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French Omelette Recipe


French Omelette Recipe || French Style Omelette || How to Make French Omelet with step-by-step photos... 

French Omelette is cheesy, a full-of-flavor omelet modeled after one I tasted and loved in a local restaurant. Mine is so hearty and rich-tasting that no one will guess it's lower in fat, it is a delicious and mouthwatering recipe that is the most popular and versatile favorite filled with cheese and stir-fried vegetable dish all over the world usually served as a breakfast with bread and butter


To prepare this recipe, beaten seasoned eggs and some vegetables, mushrooms along cheese for stuffing/filling

You can stuff desired vegetables or shredded chicken in a French omelet

NoteI prefer stir-fried vegetables to add in French omelet as vegetables usually release their own water during cooking which can spoil the real taste of a recipe and lose shape here am telling you only two eggs recipe you can increase your quantity as needed, so let's begin

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Peel and chop both parts of the spring onions

Cut and chop the capsicum


Grate the cheese, and keep aside until required



Beat the egg in a medium bowl by adding salt and onions, then add crushed black pepper 


Beat egg well by adding milk till turns well blended 


Heat butter/oil in the pan or skillet, Pour egg mixture and tilt the pan around, should spread evenly


Once the edges of the egg are thickened turn the flame to low then put vegetables and cheese on one side of the egg, f
old the omelet as a half-moon with a turner or spatula 


Cook each side of the omelet for 2 minutes on low-medium heat, flip it allow to cook till turns to a golden brown color, the o
melet is done 


Turn the omelet onto a serving plate and hot-serve


French omelet Serve hot immediately with breadparathabun burger


This cheesy, full-of-flavor French-style omelet, delicious and mouthwatering meal makes you a day...

  1. 2 pieces, eggs
  2. 1 tsp, crushed black peppercorn
  3. Salt to taste
  4. 25 g, olive oil/butter
  5. 1 tbsp, spring onion white part
  6. 1 tbsp, milk
For Filling:
  1. 1 tbsp, spring onion green part chopped
  2. 1 tbsp, capsicum chopped
  3. 25g, mozzarella cheese grated
  4. 25g, cheddar cheese grated 
How to Make a French Omelet?
  1. In a medium bowl crack the eggs then put onions, salt, and pepper
  2. Beat eggs until blended.
  3. Heat butter or oil in a 6-8 inch nonstick pan or skillet over medium-high heat until hot
  4. Spread oil/butter evenly in all pan
  5. Pour in egg mixture .mixture should be set immediately at the edges  
  6. Cook the egg mixture for 1 minute on medium heat
  7. When the top surface of the eggs is thickened and no visible liquid egg remains, reduce the heat to low and place fillings with chopped spring onion, capsicum, and grated both types of cheese on one side of the omelet.
  8. Fold the omelet in half with a turner or spatula
  9. Let it cook over medium-low heat for 2 minutes
  10. Flip it and allow to cook another 2 minutes for another side until golden brown color
  11. Turn the pan and invert or slide the omelet onto a serving plate
  12. French Omelet is done to serve......
  13. French omelet Serve hot immediately with breadparathaBun burger
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