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Masoor Dal Pakora Recipe

masoor dal pakora recipe with step by step photos

Masoor dal  Pakora | Red Lentil Fritters | How to Make Masoor Dal Pakora with step-by-step photos and video

Masoor Dal Pakora is a traditional and crispy snack of the Bihari household, extremely delicious, lip-smacking on outer and crispy and super soft and spicy inside, Masoor Dal Pakoda which is popularly known as red lentils fritters is the Pakistani perfect tea-time snack. I love Masoor Dal Pakoda Recipe, which can be made with just a few basic ingredients! If you are a fan of crispy golden brown balls or Pakistani fritters with a blast of flavors then you absolutely will love this masoor dal recipe.

One of my hot favorite snacks all the time is prepared with masoor dal along with some spices, this is my family recipe my mother belonged from Bihar Patna India, and I learned all traditional dishes from my mother and grandmother
This can be a good choice of a savory item that can be served as a side dish, I remember during Ramadan my mother used to make it more often, and is served with Katchalov at iftar time don’t get confused by listening to this weird word kachaloo :) 

how to make masoor dal pakora

My Latest Video Masoor Dal Pakora:

kachaloo is also a recipe from Bihar India that is prepared with banana slices by adding some black pepper, sugar, and salt. and is served with masoor dal pakora, I loved how crispy and flavorful the pakora tasted. Masoor dal is one of the few pakoras that was religiously made in my house. I soon learned the best way to make the Masoor Dal Pakoda recipe and it’s time I share my favorite recipe with you. Also, If you like these crispy Pakistani snacks you may like to try another chana dal fritters 

Use chili more or less as per your requirement. If you never tried these red lentil fritters. Then do try once. I guarantee you will love to make it again and again.
So let's come to know how to cook Masoor dal pakora with step-by-step photos...
  1. Don’t add more water at the time of blending dal just because pakora may lose its shape and absorb oil
  2. It will look like a dice shape instead of round
  3. Whisk the masoor batter for 10 minutes until fluffy otherwise after frying pakora may be harder

masoor dal pakora

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masoor dal pakora recipe

Firstly thoroughly wash and soak the dal in the hot water for at least 2 hours


Peel and coarsely cut the onion and garlic


After 2 hours drain the lentils from the water, put ingredients into the soaked masoor dal, mix the masoor dal with all spices, and put it in the food processor 


Add 3 tbsp water to the masoor dal, and blend the masoor dal until it turns into the smooth batter/paste 


Masoor dal batter consistency should be thick accordingly to the picture, transfer the dal paste to another mixing bowl, add coriander and green chilies, and whisk it for 10-12 minutes 


While whisking dal batter meantime heat the oil in the wok over low-medium heat, add salt to the dal batter, and keep whisking till turns into a light and fluffy batter 


The batter should be fluffy and light accordingly picture, drop the batter in the hot oil to check its temperature, once it starts floating take it out and discard 


Put dal dumpling in the hot oil, put 5-7 chunks at one time, and fry them over low-medium heat, after 2 minutes flip all dumplings and carefully fry them from both sides until nicely golden brown color 

put-dal-chunks-into-the-hot oil

Once they are properly fried drain them out from the oil and place them on a kitchen towel_Repeat the same process to fry the remaining dal fritters 


Masoor dal fritters are ready to serve

    red lentil fritters

    Hot serve masoor dal phulki with ketchupgreen sauce, and kachaloo along with tea or coffee
    red lentil fritters

    Anda Pakora Recipe


    Egg Pakora | Anda pakora | How to Make Anda Pakora Recipe with step-by-step photos 

    Anda Pakora is the most popular, tasty, and traditional street food spiced snack, this recipe is prepared with gram batter and hard-boiled eggs along with some seasoning, you even get it easily from any samosa-selling vendors, but the problem is what type of are being used oil and ingredients nothing to know regarding it so the best way we fry these type snacks at home 

    Which will be even more hygienic and more tasteful than the market, due to using quality ingredients that we people usually use at home, various types of pakoras are prepared such as onion pakora, aloo pakora, spinach pakora, green chili pakora, chicken, prawns pakoras.


    Now I am giving egg pakora recipe, to be very frank I would like to tell all fried meals contain high calories which are known as unhealthy junk food, we should avoid consuming frequently in our diet, but sometimes having fried food there is no harm Mostly people attract towards the taste of food without knowing are these foods good for health or not? although you will be thinking here I am giving advice but sharing unhealthy food

    oh yes your thinking is quite right but I have mentioned above in my description that sometimes eating is not bad we can just enjoy and change the taste bud for a while but frequently consuming is harmful, My aim isn't just sharing my recipe and undue praise of it, also spreading awareness besides sharing my recipes with all, so my dear readers for today is enough we back to the recipe, so let's begin

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    anda pakora recipe

      Heat the oil in the wok over a medium flame

      Take a saucepan to add water and salt, then add eggs to it

      Let it boil on high heat for 10-12 minutes

      Take a bowl to add gram flour, then add all spices to it

      Mix well then add water, and whisk it well until gets the smooth and fluffy texture

      The batter should be neither thick nor thin_At this stage you can adjust the salt and red chili according to your taste

      Now add green chilies and coriander and stir to them

      Peel and cut the eggs in half or as the desired shape

      Take 1 piece of egg and coat it with spiced gram flour

      Put 3-4 pakoras in the oil in one batch_Fry them over medium flame, until gets nice golden from both sides

      Transfer to the serving plate, egg pakora is ready to serve with ketchup and green sauce

      Dahi Boondi Chaat Recipe


      Boondi Chaat | Dahi Boondi Chaat || How to Make Boondi Chaat Recipe with step-by-step photos and video 

      Boondi Chaat is a quite tasty, tangy spiced chaat snack_which is made up of soaked Boondi, boiled chickpeas, and potato along with basic spices_traditionally this chaat is served at iftar the rest of Boondi chaat is easily available to the vendors throughout the year.

      Most people add sugar in this chaat-but I don’t like the sweet one the reason I didn’t use sugar in it but you can add it if you like. This Boondi chaat is very easy to make and simple-a few ingredients can make this snack so flavorful

      My Latest Dahi Boondi Chaat Video:

      As I grew up I always used to see my mother preparing Dahi Boondi without adding additional ingredients_sometimes she had been using ground coriander, green chilies, and garlic in yogurt I also followed her cooking style as time passed I observed and learned to make variations in it

      Since then I started to create this chaat by adding additional ingredients_ this wholesome and delicious masala Boondi chaat is loaded full of nutrition and I think so it’s best for iftar_it will give you energy and satisfaction after fasting  
      I used homemade spicy Bondi soon I will share this with all_but you can use store-bought Boondi

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      Recipe tips:
      1. Boondi – Use spicy masala boondi (not plain), I have used a store-bought  Boondi Masala packet. It is already seasoned with salt and some spices. Please if you find that then use it. Otherwise, you can use plain boondi, but add some spices like red chili powder, roasted cumin powder, black salt, and salt.
      2. If raw or green mangoes are in season. add a couple of tablespoons of finely chopped raw mangoes or can be used mango powder This gives a unique and different taste to the dish.
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      To prepare this recipe firstly boil the soaked chickpeas with a few pinches of baking soda and salt

      Take all ingredients and prepare them all

      Soak the boondi in plain water for 5-10 minutes

      Dry roast the cumin, and coriander seeds along with dry chilies in the frying pan on low flame for a minute_Coarsely crush them together in the mortar 

      In-depth, bowl add yogurt, Beat the yogurt with the help of a whisker then pour the milk

      Keep whisking both together until gets a smooth texture
      Then add the roasted ground masala and powder spices_Whisk them together until everything is incorporated  

      Now add boiled chickpeas to the spiced yogurt

      Then add boiled and chopped veggies to the yogurt

      Stir to mix them very well

      Lastly put soaked boondi

      And mix again very well                            


      At this stage adjust the spices and salt_If the chaat gets too thick pour some milk instead of water

      Transfer all boondi chaat to the serving bowl then add onion slices 

      Then put tomato cubes

      Then add green chilies, coriander leaves

      Add fried boondi  

      Sprinkle some roasted masala

      Then drizzle some sweet tamarind chutney

      Lastly sprinkle some red crushed chilies flakes, papri, and onion

      This delicious boondi chaat is ready

      Serve this boondi chaat with papdi and chaat masala.Enjoy and spread!