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Veg Pakora Recipe


Veg Pakora | Vegetable Fritters | How to Make Veg Pakora with step-by-step photos....

Vegetable Pakoras are the delicious, crisp, veggie deep-fried snack, which is made out of gram flour, peas, potato, spring onion, and spices. A great snack for the pakora lovers, Here I used the double frying method to make the fritters crisp, but if you don’t want to do the double frying method due to time shortness they can just single fry and then serve_

Pakodas are something that almost every one of us enjoys and these Aloo Matar pakoras are the ultimate makeover to the regular pakoras and can be served with any chutney or ketchup of your choice.

The most amazing part is, that you can make the pakora mixture in the morning and refrigerate it, fry it at the time of serving in the evening or on the arrival of guests. In this recipe, the Aloo Matar pakora is deep-fried but you can make them in a  pan as well which uses less oil.

Serve the veg Pakode as an evening tea-time snack along with Ginger Chai or serve as an appetizer along with green Chutney Recipe- Mint Yoghurt Dip at your next party. If you like Pakora recipes, then you must try some of our favorites like 

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To prepare this recipe first take all ingredients and prepare all veggies



Boil the water and blanch the potatoes for 3-4 minutes on high flame-drain the potatoes into a colander

Now transfer the all veggies to the bowl and set them aside

Crush the coriander, pomegranate, and cumin seeds in the mortar 


In veggies, bowl put gram flour, rice flour with spices


Stir to mix well together


Keep mixing gram flour mixture by adding water gradually_We need thick batter this is the reason adding that much water so that could be prepare thick batter
As you can see in the picture below, Now leave the pakora batter to rest by covering the lid for 30 minutes 


Heat the medium hot oil in the wok at around 140 c 
heat-the-oil-around-140 C

Mix the gram flour batter again

Put medium-sized pakora batter to the oil_4-5 pakora batter to the oil_And fry pakoras 3-4 minutes over low medium flame

Then drain the pakoras to the kitchen paper  


2nd frying:
Heat the oil again at around 180 C 

Put all fried pakoras back into the hot oil_Fry them over medium-high heat until brown       


Drain the pakoras on the kitchen napkin paper

Transfer the pakoras to the serving plate      

Veg pakoras are ready to serve         


Serve the pakoras with chutney and tea

Egg Fingers Recipe


Egg Fingers | Egg Finger Food || How to Make Crunchy Egg Fingers with step-by-step photos
Finger eggs are a crispy and tasty deep-fried snack _that is made with eggs, veggies, cheese, and seasoning by steaming and then cutting the egg into vertical strips or on fingers cut. Now one by one coat the egg finger with flour mixture_Egg fingers are easy and quick to prepare. 

Crunchy and crispy in texture so people love to eat this snack. If you are an egg lover then you must love this recipe.
If you are familiar with the taste of potato fingers, chicken fingers, and cheese fingers then here is the recipe idea with eggs so from now you can easily prepare egg fingers in your home kitchen. soon will share all those fingers recipes including fish fingers

Recently I tried this recipe at home after eating at a friend's house. Initially, it was difficult to guess while eating egg fingers the flavor of the egg as it was super crunchy and extremely tasty. I asked for the recipe and tried at home and now sharing it with my readers. 

I hope you will like it If you recently started cooking then you can try it as well as it's simple, easy and quick. As Ramadan is just around the corner so you can prepare this special recipe for Iftar and also takes in Sehari_Now I am trying to share Ramadan Recipes that will work at sehar and iftar
I used some corns, capsicum, and cheese in the egg mixture_but you can use any other veggies like boiled peas, spring onion, or grated carrot

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To prepare this recipe firstly take all ingredients and prepare them all

In the plate/bowl add all-purpose flour and corns, black pepper, mix herbs, peri pepper, and salt

Stir to mix well then set aside


Heat the water in a streamer or any pot with a slotted lid


Crack the eggs into a medium-sized bowl then put red chili powder and as per taste salt_Whisk them with the help of a fork 

Now add veggies and cheese_Whisk them together

Grease the cake tin or any round shape pot


Transfer the egg mixture to the tin


And put the tin in the steamer 


Then cover the lid and allow steaming for about 30 minutes over medium-high heat


Take the egg tin out of the steamer and let it cool down


Take the steamed egg mixture out of the tin carefully


Cut the egg in vertical strips or finger cut


Place all fingers on the plate

Whisk the egg with milk

Take an egg strip and then first dip it into the egg mixture then mixed flour and lastly, coat with breadcrumbs


Repeat the step for other fingers_Place all prepared egg fingers on the plate 

Heat the medium hot oil in the wok, Should be heating temperature 130-140_if you have a food thermometer then check when the temperature reaches 140 C

Right after dropping the 4-5 coated egg fingers into the oil_Fry each side for around 2 minutes on medium flame, Keep frying until they turn nicely golden brown

Drain them out on kitchen paper to absorb excess oil


Egg fingers are ready to serve

See inside the look of egg finger

Transfer to the serving bowl and plate


Serve egg fingers with ketchup and tea