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Chana Dal Halwa Recipe


Chana dal halwa || Bengal Gram Dessert Recipe || How to make chana dal halwa with step-by-step photos and video...

I modified my old post by including a video of chana dal halwa to get a better understanding of the recipe

Chana dal halwa is a very tasty, traditional rich flavor with a mouth-watering taste dessert which usually is made at any special event like shab-e-rat in India and Pakistan but I love to eat this 

So I often make it at home without any special events. 
Chana dal has a richer flavor than other pulses, which lends itself well to the preparation of a mouth-watering halwa. Soaked and ground dal is sautéed till a rich aroma is achieved, and then prepared into a traditional halwa flavored with cardamom, clove, and cinnamon 

My Latest Video Chana Dal Halwa:

It is important to stir the dal mixture continuously when sauteing it. although the chana dal halwa requires a bit of prior soaking and takes a bit of time to cook, it is a worthwhile effort, which is sure to be praised by your guest and family members as one of the perfect desserts for entertaining  

Chana dal halwa is prepared with desi ghee or Clearfield ghee but I don’t like the taste of desi ghee so I prepared it with regular ghee if you like then you can cook it with it. this halwa is prepared with a few ingredients which are added sugar, dry fruits, and ghee, sprinkle with some kewra essence

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Hard to cook and take more time than other types of halwa but with its unique flavor comes to no 1 in all types of halwa dessert so let's begin with step-by-step photos...
  1. Soak chana dal in hot water
  2. To bring a fabulous taste to this traditional dessert you boil chana dal by  mixing water and milk  
  3. Don't add too much water and milk at the time of boiling 
  4. Liquid dal paste can burn your hand while roasting with ghee
  5. for enhancement, the taste can be added raisins, cashew nuts, or even saffron 

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To prepare this recipe first soak the chana dal  at least for 2 hours


Take all ingredients and prepare all dry fruits


Firstly in a large pot add chana dal (Latin) add 1 liter of mixed water and milk bring it to boil then remove all scums then cover the lid let it cook until softened
Note, I didn't use milk due to not to available at home at the time


Blend chana dal with the hand blender or hand masher till turns to the smooth texture


In a large pan/pot add ghee heat it then adds whole spices let them crackle for a minute then add the blended dal paste

Stir to combine well and starts roasting dal paste on medium flame until water dries out along with the left surface of the pot

Or you can even touch the dal paste slightly if seem nonsticky mean that the halwa dal mixture should not stick to your fingertips when you touch
Nonsticky chana dal paste indicates that it has been almost roasted, now add sugar 


Stir it on medium flame until sugar is dissolved


Note, you can not leave unattended halwa even any single second because it can stick or burn up
Add chopped half-dry fruits and half reserve for use later 

Keep on stirring until ghee is separated, sprinkle a few drops of kewra stir well              

Once halwa left the surface of the pot, remove it from the flam, and halwa is done

Transfer to the serving bowl or tray as desired, cut into a rhombus shape 

Sprinkle the remaining dry fruits and if you have chandi wark can be placed on top


Halwa is ready to serve


Kulfa Ice-cream Recipe


Kulfa ice cream || Homemade ice cream Recipe || How to make kulfa ice cream at home with step-by-step photos

Kulfa ice cream is the most popular and delicious frozen ice cream flavor it is with filled nuts that are fond of eaten by all age groups people, especially during the summer weather I also love to eat it due to its creamy and nutty taste

Since I came to this cooking field I always used to think about making kulfi and ice cream at home probably is an art and can make only these items just chefs but my perception was wrong as time goes on I learned nothing is difficult to make at home like a market or restaurant just should be the courage to face challenges and achieve a goal                             


After trying a few different flavors at home I decided to make now kulfa ice-cream are buttery in texture with a nutty flavor
A combination of pistachio with almonds, and cardamom along with homemade khoya flavor is superb especially when the mixture is folded with whipped cream

This delightful Desserts recipe of Kulfa Ice Cream can be ready in approximately an hour and frozen in around 8-10 hours

Recipe notes:

You will need a handful of simple, yet fragrant, ingredients to make kulfa ice cream, The sweetened condensed milk, heavy whipping cream, and chopped nuts are easily available at supermarkets
  1. Green cardamom: is an aromatic spice with a wide range of uses adding in kulfa ice-cream mixture makes it flavorful
  2. But it is optional you can skip it
  3. Condensed milk: using condensed milk in making ice cream give it a thick and soft texture and is used as a substitute for sugar-I have already shared my condensed milk recipe on the blog, either you can get the recipe on my blog or can buy it from the market, but you can add powdered sugar as well instead of condensed milk, using grainy sugar will increase the iciness 
  4. Heavy whipping cream: choose the good quality heavy cream and before the whipping cream should be chilled and frozen
  5. Homemade ice cream is fresh, delicious, and fun to make. What's more, you can customize your flavors or use the best-quality ingredients you can find. But it can be tricky to get ice cream to have that perfect firm, yet creamy consistency that is the trademark of good ice cream. Follow these tips to improve your own ice cream-making technique

  1. Freeze the freezing container for a good 24 hours. It needs to be frozen solid!
  2. Use more cream and less milk. 
  3. Use a solid sweetener. Whereas a liquid sweetener such as sugar syrup or honey will increase iciness with its water content
  4. Fill your ice cream maker 1/2 to 2/3 full. This is important. The frozen tub in which the filling gets churned has only so much freeze to give before it is no longer cold. If there's too much filling, there's not enough chilling And you don't want soupy ice cream!
  5. Keep It Creamy
  6. A common complaint about homemade ice cream is that it gets hard and icy when it's stored in the freezer. There are several ways to keep your ice cream from freezing solid in the freezer. Condensed milk or honey, as well as gelatin and commercial stabilizers, can all keep your ice cream at a softer consistency. Ice cream also stays softer when you store it in a shallow container, rather than a deep tub, and cover the surface of the ice cream with plastic wrap to keep ice crystals from forming.
  7. With a little practice and some good recipes (whether it's classic Vanilla or an adventurous flavor like chocolate ice cream, you'll be well on your way to making delicious homemade ice cream that will delight your friends and family.

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips

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Chop the almonds and pistachio 

Boil the milk in the pan. Once it started boiling add cardamom powder, Stir to mix once, and then add condensed milk

Next, add khoya to the milk, Constantly keep mixing on medium flame until khoya is dissolved with the milk_Make sure no lumps present in the milk

Next, add nuts to the mixture, Keep on stirring until the mixture turns thickened

The mixture is ready, turn off the flame

Leave it aside for completely cool   

Once they get cool whisk it again 

Take out the cream bowl from the freezer and start whipping using an electric beater 

Whip the cream till it forms a soft peak

Combine the cream with a spatula 

Pour the all mixture into the whipped cream 

And mix to combine very well using a spatula (not a whisk) gently fold them together

Till you reach a silky-smooth consistency 


Pour the ice-cream mixture into the air-tight container. Sprinkle some crushed nuts over the mixture
Seal it tightly using an airtight lid or a few layers of plastic wrap and stick it in the freezer_Chill for at least 8-10 hours for the ice cream to set properly

Once the ice cream gets set take it out from the freezer.Wet the scoop with the room temperature water, And scoop out the ice-cream into the serving ice-cream glass or bowl

Serve immediately


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Jello Custard Dessert Recipe


Jello Custard Dessert | Fruit Custard With Jello || How to make jello custard with step-by-step photos and video

Jello custard is a literally lip-smacking layered jelly over fruit custard dessert, layered jelly, and custard is a  delicious dessert, that is so easy and requires no fancy ingredients. 

I prepared two flavors of custard vanilla and banana and two jellies one is banana and another one strawberry 

And made jello custard in six glasses.3 glasses are the big ones and the others are small. I made five layers of custard and jelly in 3 big glasses first the bottom is a jelly layer then the custard layer in the third layering again jelly and on top banana fruit custard and the last layer is  jelly

Likewise, I made 3 layers of custard in a small glass first layer is vanilla fruit custard and then on top are two jellies layers one by one 



You can choose any flavor of jelly and custard that you want. I choose the strawberry flavor because I thought the red color and the green color looked great with the vanilla and banana custard. Just sprinkled some crushed white chocolate on top to make the contrast pop

The custard layer is my favorite, I have made this a million times. I use store-bought custard powder to make my custards. They are quick and taste great. You can definitely make custard from scratch but it is a tricky process.

I used these cute little shot glasses. They are so convenient when dealing with guests who whine about being too full for desserts 😊



My Latest Jello Custard Dessert Video:

I served this dessert in jelly custard cups because it does look fancy and attractive. although, this recipe will seem a bit longer than other jello custard recipes since I wanted to do some unique and different in my style this is the reason I did. however, you can prepare the recipe in your style too 😊

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips above the recipe card



Recipe note:

  1. Avoid using citric fruits and melon/watermelon, you can use apple, banana, grapes, mango, cherries, peach, or any other fruit that is not citric or watery
  2. Alternatively: You can make diagonal layers of jelly and custard. Use a box filled with rice, and arrange your cups in a diagonal position, as seen in the pic below. Then you can pour in the hot jelly mix and set it in the fridge. When you are ready to serve, take out the set jelly cups and spoon the custard carefully on top of the jelly. Top with the crushed chocolate, or any topping of your choice like chocolate chips, cherries, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream.


  1. I used three fruits banana, grapes, and apple, you can use of your choice and can be used cocktail fruits as well
  2. Red and green jellies are commonly used in custard pudding I also used the same but you can use the choice that you like most and as per taste
  3. These jellies are based on gluten while most people avoid gluten-based foods so they can use gluten-free jellies that are available in the market easily 
  4. Similarly, choose any flavor of custard I used banana and vanilla since both custards look great with red and green jellies
  5. I prepared jelly little by little as I required for custard. didn’t make jelly together 
  6. The most important note is that never pour the hot jelly water over the custard otherwise it will mix with each other. let it comes at room temperature  

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Jello Custard Dessert

To begin this recipe firstly chop the fruits. In the pan, combine all chopped fruits bananas, apples, and grapes along with sugar and water



Let them cook on a medium flame for 5 minutes or they turn slightly brown. these cooked fruits will help  enhances the taste of custard whereas raw fruits won’t give a taste like cooked fruits



Boil the water very well and let it remain on the stove on the low flame 



In a small bowl adds 2 tbsp green jelly powder with 6 tbsp hot water, stir to mix up well until jelly is dissolved. 

Take 3 big glasses and pour the first layer of hot jelly water into the glasses right away before getting thickened



Leave them aside to set



Meantime, dissolve the vanilla custard in milk. keep aside



Pour the milk into the pan 



Then add sugar


Keep on stirring until sugar is dissolved. Next, keep on stirring by pouring dissolved custard gradually     


Constantly keep stirring until you get smooth custard without any lumps 



Once it thickened remove from the stove 



And put cooked fruit to the custard



 And mix very well



Vanilla fruit custard is ready


Take out 2-3 tbsp custard 



And put the second layer of fruit custard on top of the jelly



Leave them aside for a while



The rest of the three small glasses put the first layer of vanilla fruit custard and set aside for a while



The other hand dissolves the green jelly again in the same quantity that we had made before



In the third layer pour the jelly on top of the custard. And leave them aside until jelly is set



Dissolve the red jelly in the same quantity   



And pour the second layer of jelly on top of the custard in small glasses



Keep aside for a while till jelly is set



Lastly, dissolve the remaining green jelly again and pour the final layer on top of the red jelly into the small glasses



Leave them aside to cool completely



Dissolve the custard in the same quantity of milk that we made before



Pour the milk with sugar into the pan and stir well, Boil the milk until sugar is dissolved.Gradually pour the dissolved custard into the milk             


Constantly keep stirring the spoon to prevent lumps. Once the custard gets thicken remove it from the stove. Next, add cooked fruits to the custard



 And mix well   


Banana custard is ready to go into the glass



Lay the fourth layer of banana custard on top of the jelly in the big glasses



Then set aside for a while



For the final layer dissolve the remaining red jelly 



And spread on top of banana custard



Leave them aside until they cool down completely



Keep them all jello custard glasses in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours or until chilled 



Take out jello custard glasses from the refrigerator and Garnish them with some white crushed chocolate or whatever you want to garnish of your choice



Delicious colorful Jello custard dessert is ready to serve



Serve chilled to the family members, friends, and guests