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Hot Chocolate Recipe

hot chocolate recipe with step by step photos

Hot chocolate || Chocolate Milkshake || How to Make Hot Chocolate with step-by-step photos.

Hot Chocolate is a hot drink and a great combination of milk and chocolatea thick milky, and rich creamy flavor certainly mouthwatering hot chocolate milkshake, It is usually made by mixing chocolate or cocoa powder and sugar with warm milk, Hot chocolate is usually drunk to make the drinker feel happier or warmer on winter nights

Even though hot chocolate is usually drunk for enjoyment, it can also be good for the health, hot chocolate has a lot of an antioxidant that maybe the good for the health as well as a perfect hot chocolate beverage for the chocolate lovers
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how to make hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is prepared in several ways, one of the most common types are Italian and American style, but I made this hot beverage in my own style that isn't Italian nor American 
It is considered an ancient recipe which is used as medicine in the 16-17 centuries

I made more often winter nights enjoy it by sitting under the blanket, love to drink hot chocolate milk 
I used 2 types of chocolate in this recipe along with the cocoa powder and heavy cream

You can use milk chocolate instead of cream, but I will prefer using heavy cream in this recipe, as this additional ingredient makes your hot cocoa milk rich creamy, and milkier, so once you must try my recipe trust me you will forget to drink hot chocolate outside the house

hot chocolate

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To prepare this recipe first we whip the chilled cream until it becomes fluffy and stiff peaks set aside


Crush the white and brown chocolate keep aside 


Boil the milk and then add sugar and stir to mix around 2 minutes on medium flame until sugar is dissolved


Keep stirring by adding cocoa  powder


Once the cocoa powder is incorporated 


Then add cream to the hot cocoa milk and stir to combine well further, Keep the flame down

Dissolve both crushed chocolate with warm milk


Now pour dissolved chocolate into the hot milk, further stir to mix well, and let it cook around 5 minutes on low flame       


Take a separate mug and dissolve cornstarch with little water. Keep mixing by pouring cornstarch in milk, Constantly keep on stirring to prevent lumps


Toward the end add chocolate essence

Stir to combine well with the help of a whisker

Keep whisking on low flame until chocolate milk turns fluffy. Turn off the flame                    


Pour into serving glasses


On the other hand, fill the piping bag with half of the whipped cream and garnish chocolate milk with whipped cream


Then sprinkle grated brown chocolate on top of the cream


You can garnish by choice, here I used half of the plain whipped cream for one glass of hot chocolate and in other one added cocoa powder with the half remaining whipped cream and mix them together

And garnish other glasses with cocoa whipped cream and sprinkle grated white chocolate


You can even garnish chocolate milk with marshmallows or serve plain
hot chocolate recipe

Delicious hot chocolate milk is ready to serve hot           

Hot chocolatr recipe

You can see in the below picture, how it looks yummy 
hot chocolate recipe

Besan Ka Halwa Recipe

besan ka halwa recipe with step by step photos

Besan Ka Halwa | Halwa Recipe || How to Make Besan Ka Halwa Recipe with step by step photos
Besan ka Halwa is a very traditional, sweet, rich Punjabi sweet dessert that is a favorite for any type of celebration. Besan or Gram Flour made from chickpeas is used extensively for its health and beauty properties, many of you have probably used it externally since besan is a great exfoliant. It has great benefits too when taken internally. The flour aids indigestion.

how to make besan ka halwa

This recipe combines ghee, eggs, and milk When consumed during fasts it can satiate the hunger for many hours. Besan halwa is also given in pregnancy and besan ka halwa for cold is a sure shot remedy to cure the severest of cold. I make it besan halwa in a shape of katli you can as desired give it to shape or remain plain texture it’s up to you, So let the go-ahead to know how to make it 
besan ka halwa

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First, we sift the besan to the medium bowl set aside


If you haven’t powdered sugar you can just grind it in the food processor 


To prepare the egg-sugar mixture we will take any kind of mug to crack the eggs in the mug and whisk them well, then add powdered sugar


Whisk well until sugar is dissolved


Pour milk into the egg mixture then whisk to combine well then add kewra essence further stir well then set aside, prepare all dry fruits and green cardamom 

Grease the tray with ghee set aside


    Heat the ghee in the pan/wok put besan to the pan


    Roast it with ghee over the low-medium flame, after 2-3 minutes add green cardamom powder


    Keep on stirring halwa on medium-low flame until changes its color, once it turns to light brown reduce the heat to low


    It turns to rainy texture, then pours egg-sugar mixture to the besan and stir to combine well


    Till turns to dough texture and leave the base from the bottom


    Transfer to the tray and spread it evenly with a spatula, sprinkle crushed dry fruits on besan halwa


    Place the chandi warq on halwa and cut into as the desired shape, leave it for 1-2 hours in an open-air place then can be stored in the container for up to 2 weeks


    Besan ka halwa is ready to serve or store 

    besan ka halwa recipe