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Chatpata Aloo Recipe

chatpata aloo recipe with step by step photos

Chatpate Aloo | Spiced Potato || How to Make Khate Aloo with step-by-step photos and video

Chatpata Aloo is simply a spicy evening snack, This right here is my Favourite way to cook potatoes, an easy, quick, spicy and really fun way to eat potatoes. as well as the best snack for especially potato lovers. At home, my mother used to cook with a few ingredients but I did a few variations in this recipe, you must try it at home 

how to make chatpata aloo

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This relish recipe goes well with bread slices and hot tea_To prepare this recipe first boil the potatoes a bit hard with the skin then coat them with olive oil and seasoning in the wok or pan, separately prepare sweet and sour tamarind sauce to drizzle over spicy potatoes and garnish with fresh coriander leaves then serve hot 

Chatpata also can be served with loaf breadburger buns
papdi, so let's begin 

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how to make chatpata aloo

Boil the potatoes with skin, first, take a large capacity pot and pour 1 litre water with the potatoes bring it to a boil then cook them for about 15 minutes, Drain them out from the water and let them a bit cool down


Remove the skin and cut all potatoes into cube shapes except 1 potato, which we will add at the end of cooking, chop the coriander leaves and keep aside


Soak the tamarind with a little hot water for an hour, extract all seeds and separate the pulp


Take a small mixing bowl then add pulp along with black salt, chaat masala, and sugar, Stir to well combined and keep aside until required


Heat the oil in the wok


Put boiled potatoes into the wok


Add all dry spices to the potatoes


Stir well potatoes


Fry potatoes until they are well coated with spices


Put mashed potato


Stir to combine well around 3-4 minutes


Chatpata Aloo is ready


Transfer to the plate and drizzle tamarind sauce over chatpata aloo


Garnish chatpata aloo with fresh coriander leaves

spicy potato recipe

Hot serve with bread slices and burger buns along with hot tea 
how to make spicy potato

Spicy potato is simply a spicy evening snack, This right here is my Favourite way to cook potatoes, an easy, quick, spicy and really fun way to eat potatoes...

Ingredients for Spicy Potatoes:
  1. 500g, boiled potatoes
  2. 150ml, olive oil
  3. ½ tsp, chicken powder
  4. ½ tsp, cumin powder
  5. 1 ½ tsp, Kashmiri red chilli powder
  6. Salt to taste
  7. ½ tsp, black pepper powder
For Sauce:
  1. 50g, tamarind pulp soak in warm water for an hour
  2. ½ tsp, black salt
  3. 1 tsp, chaat masala
  4. 1/3 tsp, powdered sugar
For Garnishing:
  1. Chopped coriander leaves
  2. Tamarind sauce
How to make Chatpata Aloo?
  1. Medium heat the oil in the wok, and put boiled potatoes in the oil 
  2. Add  Kashmiri red chilli powder, salt, black pepper powder, and cumin powder along with the chicken powder 
  3. Note, that the chicken powder works in recipes a enhance the taste of your meal
  4. Stir to mix well on medium-low heat then fry with spices for about 5 minutes on medium flame until aroma arose
  5. Towards the end put mashed potato and further stir to mix well for 2-3 minutes on low-medium flame
  6. Transfer to the serving plate and drizzle tamarind sauce over chatpata aloo along with sprinkling fresh coriander leaves
  7. Chatpata aloo is ready to hot serve with bread slices and burger buns along with hot tea  
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