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Keema Paratha Reccipe

keema paratha recipe with step by step photos

Keema Paratha| Kheema Roti || How to Make Keema Paratha Recipe with step-by-step photos

Keema Paratha is a stuffed flatbread that is filled with the spicy mince mixture and fried with butter, ghee, or oil, a delicious, crispy relish recipe that typically is prepared with all-purpose flour but here I used red wheat flour (desi atta) and olive oil instead of ghee and maida.

Both ingredients are literally healthy than them as wheat flour full of fiber that doesn’t produce gas in the belly is also digestible and olive oil is considered a more wholesome oil than ghee or another type of cooking oil doctors always suggest adding olive oil or sunflower in diet

Hence I choose healthy ingredients to make keema paratha additionally I used beef mince you can use any type of meat as per your choice, You can also find out aloo parathamooli parathastuffed parathaand Arabic paratha on my blog

keema paratha

Stuffed Keema Paratha is a crispy Pakistani delicacy that can be loved by many mutton and beef lovers all over the world. This stuffed paratha delight is stuffed with minced meat which can be loved by many. It is also added with the goodness of coriander, cumin, garam masala powder, green chilies fresh lemon juice which adds some spicy taste. 

There are days when we want to try out something new and on those days this recipe could be just the thing for you. Stuffed keema in the paratha recipe makes it rich in carbohydrates and fat content. So, if you are on a diet, you can give this one a shot on your 'cheat days. You would not regret it for sure. So, try this Stuffed Keema Paratha and give your taste buds a delightful ride. So let’s begin 

how to make keema paratha

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kheema roti

To make this recipe first take all ingredients and prepare them all


Take a wok or pan and start cooking minced meat, heat the oil and add ginger garlic paste and sauté it for a minute on low-medium flame, Then put ground meat or mince

Fry mince on medium flame until water dries out, keep on stirring by adding powder 


Now pour some little water into the mince and cover the lid, allow to cook for 2-3 minutes on low medium-low flame, 
Once the mince water is dried then reduce the flame to low


Add chopped veggies to the cooked mince, Stir to mix well then add maida (flour) to the mince further stir to combine well

Toward the end squeeze the fresh lemon juice into the mince                   

Further, stir to combine on low flame, Keema mixture is done, Turn off the flame and remove from the flame
Let it cool down completely_Meanwhile, and we will prepare the paratha dough

Take the flour in a medium-sized bowl and add salt, mix well with a finger, Start kneading the dough by adding little by little water, Sign of hard dough when you will press little the index finger on the dough surface it will never bounce back, cover the lid and give it to rest around 15 minutes set aside 


Take out medium dough balls as required


Give it to the deep bowl shape


And stuff the cooked filling and press the filling down in the dough ball with the help of a spoon or finger then Gather all edges and seal the dough ball, slightly pressing the stuffed dough ball, Prepare all remaining dough balls the same way


Take one stuffed dough ball to dust the rolling board and place the stuffed dough ball then slightly press to prevent filling come out, Start rolling with a light hand, and roll out the roti 7-8 inches in a round shape

Rolled paratha should be ½ inch thick, Paratha isn’t as rolled out as chapatti 


Heat the Tawa on medium heat, Place the roti on Tawa, and after a few seconds flip the roti
Apply oil or ghee from both sides till they turn golden brown


Prepare all parathas and place them on a kitchen napkin

Place on a paper kitchen napkin to remove the excess oil

kheema paratha

You can see the inside look of Paratha

Paratha is ready to serve with hara lehsun chutney and mooli Patta chutney or green raita chutney

keema paratha

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