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Aloo Chana Biryani Recipe


Aloo Chana Biryani || Chana Aloo Biryani || How to make aloo chana biryani with step-by-step photos 

Aloo Chana biryani is quite an easy, delicious, and spiced layered biryani made with white chickpeas, potato, rice, herbs, and basic spices. this biryani is a vegetarian version and those who are like to eat veg meals perfect for them. this also chana biryani is different instead of the combination of meat and masala.

This one is made with protein-packed chickpeas and potatoes that give you carbohydrates and protein altogether. an aromatic and flavored rice dish that goes well with GREEN CHUTNEY RAITA and SHAMI KABAB


Chana aloo biryani is one of the most popular and mouthwatering recipes for foodies. Full of aroma and taste!! In the subcontinent, people love biryani and make it in different ways. Traditionally biryani cooks with meat but the variation in veg with chickpea and potato is the most demanding. Locally famous as chana biryani

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips below the recipe card


Recipe notes:

  1. Super basmati rice is the best for making any type of biryani. but sella rice is a substitute for basmati rice
  2. I added white chickpeas and potatoes, here you can use only one of them
  3. Ghee can be used instead of oil
  4. Don't overcook the chickpea (Chana).
  5. Make non-watery chana aloo gravy. If there is some water then cook on high heat.
  6. Fully drained rice before making layers.
  7. Don't overcook the rice during the boil. Make sure to cook 80%
  8. Gently run the spoon to take out the biryani otherwise the rice will break.
  9. Don't insert a spoon from the middle of the pan. Always take out biryani by putting a spoon from the sides of the pan.
  10. Use large-size vessels for layering 

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To prepare aloo chana biryani soak the chickpeas for at least 8 hours or overnight


Then in the morning boil the chickpeas with a few pinches of baking soda



Peel and  cut the potatoes, onion, and tomatoes


In the mixing bowl pot potatoes along with lemon juice, red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt, biryani masala, coriander, mint leaves, and green chilies



Stir to combine well then add fried brown onion and mix very well then add food color and dry plums


Stir to combine very well and keep aside for 15 minutes



Soak the rice in enough water for 30 minutes, later strain the rice and keep it aside 


When the rice gets soaked we will prepare gravy meanwhile In a wide vessel heat up the oil, And fry the onion until golden brown 



Next, add black peppercorns, bay leaves, cumin seeds, green cardamoms, black cardamoms, cloves, and cinnamon sticks. Saute them together with onion for a minute. Then add tomatoes and ginger garlic paste



Cook tomatoes with onion masala till soft then add marinated potatoes along with garam masala



Continuously Stir very well until the oil is separated. add ½ cup of water and let it cook until the potato gets 80% 



Once the potatoes are cooked add boiled chickpeas and mix with the masala very well and allow cooking further for 10 minutes on medium-low heat


Boil the water by adding salt, and cinnamon sticks. cloves, green cardamom, mint leaves, green chilies, and caraway seeds



Bring the water to a boil then add white vinegar. White vinegar will prevent the rice from sticking to each other



Cook the rice grains on a high flame. when the rice grains are 80% cooked or there is a slight bite, switch off the flame.



Immediately strain the cooked rice. keep aside



Now we will begin the layering process. spread some ghee on the bottom of the wide vessel. ley the first layer of rice then place aloo chana masala over the rice along with fried brown onion



Next, add some slices of tomatoes, lemon, and mint coriander leaves then spread the second layer of rice on top of the masala. Repeat the same process in the second layer



Finally, drizzle some milky yellow food color and ghee on top of the rice.



Towards the end, sprinkle some fried onion and some mint coriander leaves. then seal the vessel with a foil sheet.



First, for 10 minutes simmer the biryani on the high flame then reduce the heat to low and simmer further for 15 minutes



Aloo chana biryani is ready, gently fluff up  the rice



Transfer to the serving dish



Serve aloo chana biryani with raita and kabab



Butter Garlic Rice Recipe

Butter garlic rice recipe with step by step photos and video

Learn how to make delicious Butter Garlic Rice or Garlic Butter Rice with step-by-step photos and video instructions. Follow this recipe to create a mouth-watering dish that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

This recipe for Garlic Butter Rice uses simple ingredients such as long-grain white rice, fresh garlic, rich butter, and chicken broth to enhance the flavor. It's a straightforward and delicious way to prepare flavored rice. 

In addition to garlic and butter, I've included colored peppers, whole spices, and chicken broth. If you don't have chicken broth at home or are in a rush, you can substitute it with pulao cubes from your local grocery store.


how to make butter garlic rice

Here is my recipe for butter garlic rice:

But I prefer using chicken/mutton broth/stock in this recipe additionally if you are a lover of chicken then can be added chicken chunks by marinating them with spices and then cooking them.

I didn’t add chicken. but I used some colorful peppers to bring to make the rice colorful. Plus it only needs a handful of ingredients you can always keep on hand it’s perfectly hearty and filling, and it’s just simply delicious comfort food!

And of course, it’s something people of all ages will enjoy. In other words, it’s one of those back-pocket recipes. 

For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo, video, and  instructions tips below 

Garlic butter rice recipe


Rice: rice has an important role in making the taste of any type of rice recipe whether they are PulaoFried RiceBiryani, or Plain Rice if you use regular rice can’t achieve the goal of taste. so always use long-grain old basmati rice and before cooking the rice soak it just for 30 minutes. I never compromise with the taste then no matter how much it cost

Butter: use good quality butter in the recipe if it is using low quality your rice won’t develop the buttery taste or may flavor of the rice become spoiled 

Garlic: It has a pungent taste that helps to bring flavor to the meals most importantly garlic is the most beneficial for health along with its taste the reason people use garlic in their meals and baking items.use chopped garlic instead of garlic powder. Want even more garlic flavor? Use 2 tbsp garlic.

Veggies: I added some colorful peppers and green chilies to bring some flavor and taste. here you can add some desirable veggies or skip even you can add some chicken chunks

Chicken Broth: When it the time to cook pulao, steamed rice, or any plain zeera rice adding broth and stock then enhances the taste of flavored rice      


how to make butter garlic rice

Possible Substitutes:

Brown rice can be used in place of white rice.

The vegetable broth will work in place of the chicken broth.

Unsalted butter will work in place of salt

White chickpeas work in place of veggies 


garlic rice

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butter rice

Take all veggies and prepare them all as well as soak the rice for half an hour

Heat the butter with olive oil we add oil because that butter burns quickly as soon it melts this is the reason we have to add oil to prevent burning butter
how to make butter garlic rice

Next, add chopped garlic and fry them for 2 minutes, now begin adding whole spices like black peppercorns, green cardamoms, cinnamon sticks, and cloves saute them a bit next add chopped veggies yellow pepper, green chilies, capsicum orange, and red pepper


garlic rice recipe

Fry them with garlic and butter for 2-3 minutes. meanwhile, add a bay leaf for aroma then add white pepper and salt to the veggies, keep stirring by adding the remaining ingredients chili flakes stir, to mix well then pour chicken broth or stock. whatever you have available, bring it to a boil.

butter rice

Once boiled then add soaked rice. stir to combine carefully since soaked rice gets too delicate if we stir rapidly rice grains may break easily. At this point can adjust the spice level if needed.
garlic rice

Cover and cook the rice on a high flame. once the water dries out, Turn down the flame to low and simmer it for another 5 minutes


butter garlic rice

 Turn off the flame and fluff the rice up


how to make rice

Then transfer onto the serving plate/bowl.

garlic butter rice

Butter garlic rice can be eaten alone but even served with Kababs or Cutlets
how to make butter garlic rice

Bagara Rice Recipe


Bagara Rice | Flavoured Rice || How to Make Bagara Rice with step-by-step photos 

Bagara Rice is a flavorful version of rice made with Basmati rice and fried onion. This recipe is from the popular Hyderabadi Cuisine from India. Which is known for its unique rich flavored vegetarian dishes? This cuisine has been influenced by Arab, Mughal, and Indian cuisine.

The Bagara rice recipe is simple and easy to make and still tastes like a professional chef's. This is not much popular in regular Pakistani restaurants  You don’t need to search for Pakistani restaurants to eat this food as you can make it by yourself in your kitchen. In comfort adjust the flavors to your preferences. Bagara rice with sprinkled fried onions on the top…yummm..without any further thinking, I can surrender myself.


I bet you this rice could be a better dish for a weeknight dinner. The perfect Bagara rice combination curry would be Bagara Baingan or this Instant pot potato curry. Bagara Khana would be awesome to eat with chicken curry or mutton curry. Other side dishes for this simple bagara rice are bagara baingan Mirchi ka salan and tomato chutney

What is Bagara Rice?

The Bagara Rice recipe is a less spicy version of Biryani without vegetables, meat, or masalas. Which is also called bagara khana or bagara chawal in Pakistan known for its Mughal cuisine. If you are running out of time or wish to make simpler everyday food, then this recipe might be your best choice.

Though it is simpler to make, it is equally as good as Biryani. A spicier accompanied side dish elevates the flavor of this Bagara Rice. It gives the full satisfying feeling of having special biryani still made in a vegan way.

  1. To make the perfect recipe  soak the rice at least for 2 hours
  2. Pour water equal to the rice quantity 
  3. Long-grain rice is the best for using bagara rice 
  4. For enhancing an aromatic taste can be cooked rice in pure ghee/vanaspati ghee 
  5. To give a nice brownish color to rice fry the onion until turns to a golden brown color

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Firstly wash the rice thoroughly under running water, soak it for 2 hours keep it aside

Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


Boil 2.5 cups of water in a saucepan for 2 ½ cups of rice
Note: if your rice isn’t enough soaked then you use 1.5 cups of water for 1 cup of rice


      Add ghee and heat it, now add onion slices and fry it until light golden brown  

      Then add ginger garlic paste sauté it for a minute then add 2 tbsp water, Stir it now add black peppercorn, cumin seeds, cinnamon, bay leaf, green cardamom, and salt

      Stir it for a minute then add the drained rice and stir it well until the aroma arose. 
      Then add coriander leaves and green chili and mix them slightly, now add hot and boiled water, stir to mix well, and cover the lid

      Let it cook until pits/holes start appearing on top of the rice, now reduce the flame to low and sprinkle fried brown onion on top of the rice          

      Simmer the rice over a very low flame for 10 minutes. then turn off the flame

      Now Bagara Rice is ready. transfer to the serving dish 

      Bagara rice can be served with saladcurry dal, and raita