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How to Make Turmeric MIlk

how to make turmeric milk at home with step by step photos and video

Turmeric Milk Recipe || Haldi Doodh || How to make golden milk with step-by-step photos and video

Turmeric milk is a commonly used traditional remedy for cough, cold, and other respiratory tract infections. The antiviral and antibacterial properties of turmeric can help fight infections while the anti-inflammatory property helps relieve the symptoms

Turmeric is the golden yellow spice used in Asian curries. It is obtained from the ginger-like rhizome of Curcuma longa, a tropical herb from India. The well-researched anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticancer properties of turmeric make it worth including in your diet. If you are not a curry fan, turmeric milk is an excellent option.

how to make turmeric milk

Turmeric milk, also sometimes referred to as golden milk, is an infusion of either dry turmeric powder or fresh turmeric root (rhizome) in milk. It is traditionally used in Indian and Pakistani households for treating specific diseases as well as a tonic for general health. This drink is easy to prepare and highly palatable, the milk taking most of the spiciness out of turmeric. If that doesn’t convince you, the health benefits of this drink would.

This simple home remedy is to beat everyday tiredness and anxiety.


haldi doodh

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Here are the best Turmeric Milk Benefits

Turmeric milk is antimicrobial and fights bacterial infections and viral infections. It is useful in treating illnesses related to the respiratory system since the spice heats up your body and provides quick relief from lung congestion and sinuses. This is also an effective remedy to cure asthma and bronchitis

Turmeric milk is an excellent tonic to improve your general immunity against a host of diseases. It is especially useful in the cold and flu seasons, thanks to its antiviral effect. If you’re prone to pick up infectious diseases, make a habit of having a cup of turmeric milk on an empty stomach in the morning or just before bedtime at night.

This is particularly beneficial for children who tend to bring home not only colds and the flu but chickenpox and measles from school and the playground. Swimmers and people who take public transport or otherwise engage in activities that bring them in close contact with a lot of other people would also benefit from a regular dose of this health-promoting drink.

You can tackle most digestive tract problems with turmeric. That could be why it came to be regarded as an important culinary spice. It improves digestion and helps relieve gas and bloating as well as heartburn resulting from gastric reflux. Turmeric increases the flow of bile, which helps in fat digestion. Loss of appetite and indigestion can be successfully treated with a cup of turmeric milk a day.

golden milk

Turmeric can prevent and treat gastrointestinal infections and get rid of worms. In the tropics where intestinal parasites are very common, especially in children, turmeric milk comes to the rescue.

Turmeric milk is anti-inflammatory and can prevent and protect from arthritis and stomach ulcers. It is also known as a ‘natural aspirin’ and can cure headaches, swelling, and pain

Turmeric has always been regarded as an excellent detoxifying agent. Our body has to deal with an onslaught of toxins that enter the blood through our food and drink as well as the respiratory tract. They can damage not only the blood vessels but all the other tissues that the contaminated blood reaches.

Toxins in the blood are the underlying causes of many abnormal skin conditions and other diseases. Turmeric helps the elimination of blood impurities by improving the function of the liver which is entrusted with the duty of identifying these toxins and finding a way to eliminate them. Moreover, the diuretic effect of turmeric helps flush out these toxins through urine.  

turmeric milk recipe

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how to make golden milk

Combine milk, water, and dry turmeric in the saucepan          

Stir to mix well

haldi doodh

Bring it to boil first on high flame, Then reduce the heat to low-medium and let the milk cook for 4-5 minutes

turmeric milk recipe

Once the milk gets reduced to half. Add black pepper and mix, Turn off the flame 

golden milk

Strain the turmeric milk into the cup

haldi doodh

Serve hot just before bedtime 

how to make turmeric milk


Turmeric milk is a commonly used traditional remedy for cough, cold, and other respiratory tract infections.


  1. 1 cup, of milk
  2. ½ cup, of water
  3. 1/3 tsp, dry raw turmeric
  4. A few pinches, of turmeric

How to make Turmeric Milk?

Cook turmeric milk: Combine milk, water, and dry turmeric in the saucepan. and stir to mix well. Bring it to boil first on a high flame. Then reduce the heat to low-medium and let the milk cook for 4-5 minutes

Once the milk gets reduced to half, Add black pepper, and mix. Turn off the flame. Strain the turmeric milk into the cup

Serve hot just before bedtime

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