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Mutton Handi recipe


Mutton Masala | Mutton Handi || How to Make Mutton Handi with step-by-step photos

Mutton Handi is a flavored, thick, and spicy meat curry this is my family’s version that is cooked in the “Bihari” household, it is called Mutton Handi in the local language, You'd not have heard about this recipe, and very delicious, soft tender and mouthwatering meat curry that can be cooked with beef, mutton or lamb, here to understand have written masala right word is Handi

I prepared mutton honda from our culture, as well as making mutton meat with special Handi masala that contains only 3 whole spices, then all three spices are roasted in a pan over low heat and then ground to make a fine powder

This special masala brings an actual taste of Handi in curry if you don't add sonth(ginger powder) and fennel seeds to the nihari you will never bring an authentic nihari taste without these special spices likewise even this Hundi masala works the same
The simple and quite amazing taste of this curry can be served with paratha, naan, and any type of flavored rice so 

  1. Firstly to make a delicious mutton curry the choice of meat is very important, use fresh and tender cuts as  this helps to get soft and succulent mutton or beef after cooking
  2. Usually bone is mutton or beef yields a delicious gravy when it is slow-cooked, the flavor from the bones is transferred to the gravy making it thick and tasty
  3. Cook in a clay pot to enhance the taste if available.                        

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    Firstly clean and rinse mutton under the running water, and take all ingredients and prepare them


    Heat the pan and dry roast cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and black pepper over low heat for 1-2 minutes, shift to the mortar/grinder jar and grind it till turns to a fine powder


    Whisk the yogurt and keep it aside 


    Heat the oil in the pot and put onions, saute the onions for 5 minutes then add mutton


    Fry the mutton with onions until changes its color then add ginger and garlic, put papaya paste/cubes to the meat, and stir well 


    Now start to combine all dry spices, and keep the flame to low while adding spices


    Keep mixing the meat with spices on medium flame, lastly, add basic garam masala, and stir to combine until the oil is separated


    Now add yogurt, then further stir to mix well until the meat is roasted with masala


    Now pour water and stir to combine well, bring to a boil cover the lid, and allow to cook it about 30-40 minutes


    Now roast the meat until oil comes on top then put roasted spices, stir well with roasted ground spices


    Pour 1 cup boiled water into the curry, bring to a boil on a high flame then cover the lid and reduce the flame to low


    Simmer it for 15 minutes now the mutton handi is done


    Then transfer to the serving bowl/dish


    To serve with ricerotinaanor paratha 


    Mutton Hundi is a flavored, thick, and spicy meat curry this is my family’s version that is cooked in the “Bihari” household
    1. 1 kg, mutton/beef/lamb with bones
    2. 200ghomemade yogurt
    3. 2 tbsp, ginger garlic paste
    4. 2 cubes/1 tbsp, papaya paste
    5. 2 large, onion slices
    6. 1 cup, cooking oil/olive oil
    7. 1 tsp, red chili powder
    8. 1 tsp, Kashmiri red chili powder
    9. 1 tsp, turmeric powder
    10. Salt to taste
    11. 1 ½ tsp, coriander powder
    12. ½ tsp, basic garam masala
    Handi Special Masala:
    1. 1 tbsp, coriander seeds
    2. 1 tbsp, cumin seeds
    3. ½ tbsp, black peppercorn
    How to make Mutton Handi? 
    1. In a medium pot heat the oil and put onion slices then sauté them for 4-5 minutes on medium flame
    2. Add washed mutton meat to the onion and fry them till changes its color
    3. Now add ginger garlic paste along with papaya paste or cubes and stir to combine well
    4. Reduce the flame to low
    5. Now start adding dry spices red chili, Kashmiri red chili, coriander powder, turmeric powder, and salt
    6. Keep stirring by adding basic garam masala until the oil is separated
    7. Then add whisked yogurt
    8. Constantly keep on stirring then pour ½ jug of boiled and hot water
    9. Bring it to a boil and cover the lid
    10. Let it cook for about 30 minutes on medium-low flame until the meat is 90% tender
    11. Note, don’t completely cook meat otherwise when it is simmered after adding roasted ground spices your meat will be shred 
    12. Remove the lid and roast the meat until the water dries up then add the roasted ground masala to the mutton curry
    13. Add 1 cup of boiled and hot water to the curry
    14. Some more bring to boil and cover the lid
    15. Simmer the mutton handi over low heat for 15 minutes
    16. Remove from the flame and transfer to the serving dish
    17. Mutton handi is ready to serve with riceparatha naan 
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