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Mutton Korma Recipe


Mutton Korma | Simple Korma Recipe || How to Make Mutton Korma with step-by-step photos

Mutton Korma is a dish originating in the Indian subcontinent, consisting of meat whether it be chicken, lamb, beef, or mutton, this recipe is quite an amazing, aromatic, and flavored taste, so here try cooking a delicious mutton qorma with an easy recipe

    Korma is the ultimate delight for meat lovers. this korma recipe makes for a great dinner party dish apart from being a mouth-watering staple during festivals like Eid. It is an easy mutton recipe that you can prepare at home in just about an hour.                   

Mutton Korma has to be prepared with
Clarified ghee is a real taste enhanced only from cooking in desi ghee/clarified ghee I have told you in my previous post I don’t like desi ghee taste the reason I am using regular banaspati ghee but you can use it as your taste and choice
Mutton korma is served with sheermal, naan, and rice
So let’s go ahead and begin our recipe Mutton Korma

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    Firstly peel and cut the onion into thin slices, In the pot/pan pour oil, and heat it well. Then add onion and fry it over high medium for 5-7 minutes. Then reduce the heat to medium-low and add 3-4 pinches salt, keep frying till turns to a crispy golden brown color Drain them out from the oil, spread on any plate/tray keep aside


    Wash and clean the mutton under the running water, and keep it aside

      Boil the water in the saucepan


        Whisk the yogurt and add korma masala in it_mix to combine well 


          Ground the ginger garlic paste


          Heat the ghee in the pot, then add mutton meat and fry it till changes it's color add ginger garlic paste and fry it with mutton for 2 minutes

            Add spiced yogurt to the mutton

            Stir to mix well till the oil is separated

            Pour hot boiled water and stir to mix well further

            Bring korma to a boil, c
            over the lid, and cook it for 25-30 minutes over a medium-low flame      


                Add crumbled fried onion and kewra water Stir to mix well 

                Allow to simmer for 10 minutes, transfer to the serving dish


                  Now tasty mutton korma is ready to serve with naan,sheermal and taftan


                    Mutton Korma is a dish originating in the Indian subcontinent, consisting of meat whether it be chicken, lamb, beef, or mutton...

                    1. 500g or ½ kg, mutton with bones
                    2. 1 cup, homemade fried onion
                    3. 2 ½ tbsp, homemade korma masala 
                    4. 1 cup, of homemade yogurt
                    5. 2 tbsp, ginger garlic paste freshly ground
                    6. 150g, clarified ghee/banaspati ghee
                    7. ¼ tsp, kewra water
                    8. 1 cup, onion thinly slices
                    9. Oil as required for frying onion
                    How to Make Mutton Korma?
                    1. Add ghee to the pot and heat it well
                    2. Then add mutton and fry it until changes its color
                    3. Then add spiced yogurt to the mutton
                    4. Stir to combine well until oil is separated then
                    5. Pour hot and boiled water
                    6. Stir to mix well
                    7. Bring it to a boil then cover the lid
                    8. Let it cook until the meat is tender very well
                    9. Then make crumble to the fried onion and add in the korma curry
                    10. Stir to mix further and add kewra water
                    11. Cover the lid and simmer the korma for around 10-15 minutes over low heat
                    12. Turn off the flame
                    13. Mutton Korma is ready to serve with sheermal,taftan, and naan...
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