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Moong Dal Gosht Recipe


Dal Gosht | Moong Daal Gosht is the combination of moong dal (lentil) and gosht (meat) which is a very tempting and delicious meal, this is a popular dish in a flavorful, spicy blend of herbs, It is Pakistani or North Indian cuisine. this wholesome meaty dish makes a great one-pot meal can be doubled or tripled for large family gatherings
Dal gosht is so easy to make within an hour then  you’ve got a comforting and delicious meal

You can use your favorite combination of lentils to make this curry. but here I used only one split green lentil (moong dal), first meat is cooked by adding onion, ginger, garlic paste, yogurt, and some essential spices, then add soaked split green gram along with fresh soya and let it cook until split green gram completely melt into the curry and this recipe goes well with boiled rice or bagara rice
This is one of the very popular dishes in Pakistan, Be it a Dal Gosht recipe or a Dalcha, this is a very frequent menu from my kitchen. And not just myself, but my family is a huge – huge fan of this irresistible mutton delicacy. 
So lets the go-ahead to know how to make moong dal gosht recipe with step by step photos...

    Preparation of dal gosht:
    To prepare dal gosht first cook meat curry, you can get a link from below, collect the rest of the ingredients and prepare all them
    Note enough amount of quantity oil/ghee goes into meat curry


    Cooking moong dal gosht:
    Roast the meat curry till water dries up and oil comes on the surface


    Put split green gram to the roasted curry and stir to mix well, then put soya leaves and green chilies


    Add garam masala, stir to mix well 


    Then pour hot water, bring it to boil and then cover the lid cook the curry until dal is cooked


    Reduce the heat to low further stir adjust the salt then allow to simmer it another 5 minutes


    Dal gosht is ready to hot serve transfer to the serving dish


    Dal gosht can be served with boiled rice,bagara ricenaan and Rotis


    How to make the recipe?

    Dal Gosht | Daal Gosht is a combination of moong dal (lentil) and gosht (meat) which is very tempting and delicious meal, this is a popular dish in flavorful, spicy blend of herbs.

    1. 750g,mutton/beef/lamb/chicken prepared meat
    2. 200g, green moong dal soaked in warm water for at least an hour
    3. 1 bunch, soya leaves
    4. 3-5 pieces, green chilies
    5. 1 tsp,garam masala
    6. Fresh coriander leaves for garnishing
    1. Roast the meat curry until oil is separated
    2. Then add soaked and drain dal to the roasted meat
    3. Stir to combine well on medium flame till starts aroma come out
    4. Put chopped soya leaves and green chilies along with garam masala
    5. Further, stir well then pour 1-2 cups hot and boiled water
    6. Bring it to boil and let it cook until softened
    7. Reduce the heat and remove the lid and stir further 
    8. Simmer it for 5 Minutes
    9. Now moong dal gosht is ready to serve
    10. Transfer to the serving bowl/dish
    11. Dal gosht can be served with boiled rice,bagara ricenaan and Rotis
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