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Rice Kheer Recipe


Rice kheer || Chawal ki kheer || How to make rice kheer with step-by-step photos 

Rice Kheer is the most popular and traditional sweet and relish recipe that is known as another word for dessert, it’s a combination of rice and milk with khoya. Rich creamy pudding-like texture and flavored with cardamom, dangerously addictive treat you'll want to make it again and again, this kheer recipe is very easy to make and requires very few ingredients, all ingredients will be available in your kitchen very easily

Rice is cooked in milk and sugar. It is flavored with cardamom and garnished with nuts. here I am using homemade condensed milk and homemade khoyayou can get the link below the ingredients list


Rice kheer has to be prepared with:

Rice kheer is prepared with fresh milk and does not use any milk pack or powdered milk. for the best result, fresh milk is the best choice for making rice Kheer
At Eid ul Adha where you have available or is prepared a lot of meat dishes, you can even serve hot favorite sweet dish after a meal as dessert to the guests even for your family members chilled and rich khoya rice kheer is one of my favorite desserts too

Three Methods Of Making Rice Kheer:
  1. Traditional method: Here rice is cooked in milk. So every grain will absorb the milk and become rich and fluffy. It gives the best creamy texture to the kheer. So I personally prefer this method.
  2. Instant version: Kheer made with condensed milk and cooked rice. It gets ready in less time. If I am short on time or have leftover cooked rice then I go for this method.
  3. Instant pot Kheer: made in the electric pressure cooker.


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    Firstly bring to boil the milk thrice times and set aside
    Coarsely crushed the drained and soaked rice with the help of a hammer
    Or can be crushed the soaked rice in a zip log bag with any heavy mettle
    Crushed the green cardamom
    Coarsely chopped almond and pistachio


    In the large pot put milk, bring the milk to a boil, and let it cook until remains 1/3 in quantity


    Then add green cardamom powder and stir to mix it well


    Then add crushed drained rice with 1/2 cup of water


    Stir to combine well over low-medium heat


      Stir constantly for about 25-30 minutes or until rice is soft


      Now add condensed milk

      Stir to mix it well 


      Allow cooking for another 5 minutes till Kheer is thickened


      Now add mashed khoya to the rice kheer, and keep stirring until the khoya is dissolved well


      Stir to mix well over low heat


      Now add kewra essence and some dry fruits_Stir to mix them together turn off the flame and let it cool down completely 


      Transfer to the serving bowl, Garnish the rice kheer with dry fruits and Chandi vark_Keep in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours

      Now Kheer is ready to chill and serve


      Rich creamy pudding-like texture and flavored with cardamom, dangerously addictive treat you'll want to make it again and again

      1. 2 liter, fresh milk
      2. 1 cup, of rice, crushed soaked in the hot water for 2 hours coarsely   
      3. ½ cup, homemade khoya
      4. 3, green cardamom crushed
      5. 1 ½ cups, homemade condensed milk
      6. 1 drop, of kewra essence
      7. Edible silver pepper as required optional
      8. Almond and pistachio coarsely crushed for garnishing
      How to make the Rice Kheer?
      1. In the pot pour milk and then
      2. Bring the milk to a boil over a high flame
      3. Now add green cardamom powder
      4. Reduce the heat to low-medium
      5. Let it cook for a half-hour until milk remains 1/3 in quantity
      6. Then add drained rice with 1/2 cup of water
      7. Stir to mix constantly
      8. Don’t leave it unattended any single moment until soften the rice
      9. Otherwise, it may burn from the base
      10. Note: don’t need to add sugar to the kheer while is being added condensed milk 
      11. Now mix condensed milk 
      12. Keep stirring until well combined and thick
      13. Mix khoya with a small amount of Kheer 
      14. Then add in the Kheer
      15. Allow cooking until khoya is dissolved 
      16. Reduce the heat then add kewra essence
      17. Put half-crushed dry fruits
      18. And keep a half reserve for garnishing 
      19. Stir to mix them very well
      20. Turn off the heat
      21. Let it cool down completely then
      22. Transfer into a serving bowl/clay pot
      23. Garnish the rice kheer with dry fruits and editable silver pepper
      24. Keep in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours
      25. Now ready to chill serve 
      26. Note for enhancing taste you can set the kheer to the clay pot but unfortunately 
      27. I haven’t clay pot that’s why I couldn’t do 
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