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Breakfast Paratha Recipe

paratha recipe with step by step photos

Paratha Recipe | Layered paratha || Breakfast Recipe with step-by-step photos

Baldar Paratha is popular as a baldar paratha a multi-layered shallow fried flatbread and is the epitome of cooking art that tells us how can we make delicious and tempting food from unassuming ingredients by just deploying a new technique in its preparation. 

This step-by-step photo recipe and an easy unique technique provide detailed instructions to help you make perfectly balder paratha
I won’t say am now perfect but am in the learning process and still learning new things, tips, and tricks all alone without any help except Allah's help, I also admit have made a lot of mistakes in my posts due to carelessly typing errors
breakfast recipe

So I am trying to rectify my all blunders additionally I am also looking forward to my reader's feedback on my recipes because I didn't get any single comments :( so waiting for your comments if you like or not to like in both conditions 
So let the go-ahead to learn how to make easy and perfect baldar paratha with step-by-step 

Recipe Tips:
  1. Replace maida flour with wheat flour or mix ½ cup wheat flour and ½ cup maida
  2. Use ghee instead of oil to knead the dough for more soft and crispy paratha
  3. Don’t apply too much pressure while rolling out get more visible layers in cooked lachha paratha 

paratha recipe

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baldar paratha

Take a large mixing bowl and sift the flour 


Add milk and salt along with oil to the flour


Then add sugar and mix them together, mixing until turns into a crumble then add warm water


Start kneading the soft dough by adding water little by little, I would like to strongly advise taking the time to do this and not throwing all the water in at once. This step can make all the difference. slow and steady.


Take your time to keep kneading and adding the water until all the dough comes together about 10-12 minutes, then with a wet hand press it down  and fold the dough
Repeat these steps until the dough becomes soft and smooth, and bounce back when you poke your finger in it the dough should not be sticky


    Grease the dough surface with a bit of oil and put it into the bowl to cover the clean muslin/kitchen towel for about 15 minutes


    Divide the equal portions of the dough


    Give it in the shape of balls


    Take one dough ball and flatten it between your palms, start Rolling in a circular shape approx 6-7 inches  


    Now spread ghee over the entire surface, sprinkle dry flour over it, and hold both edges 1/3 inch wide strip with your first two fingers


    Lift and fold backward, now hold two ends of the pitted strip and repeat lift and fold backward 

    repeat-the-same-process-till-the-end-of dough-strips

    Apply some ghee over it, and start rolling the strips like a snail 


    Press the end gently in the middle, dust some dry flour on the rolling surface, and press the snail roll gently with the hand
    Repeat the same process with all remaining balls  


    Take one roll coat it with dry flour and roll it gently in a round shape


        Heat the skillet/tawa, and place baldar  paratha over the hot Tawa, when you see the color is getting to the change of bottom surface 


        You can see tiny bubbles rise on the surface then flip the paratha and apply ghee with the help of a spatula, cook each side for 2-3 minutes over low-medium heat until nicely golden brown color 


        Transfer to the plate 


        Repeat the same process with all remaining paratha balls


        You can see crispy layers on top of the paratha, which look crispy and delicious in taste_Serve it with omeletkebabs, and tea 

        layer paratha

        This is popular as a baldar paratha a multi-layered shallow fried flatbread, delicious and tempting food from unassuming ingredients by just deploying a new technique

        1. 3 cups, of all-purpose flour
        2. 1 tsp, sugar
        3. 1/3 tsp, salt
        4. 2 tbsp, oil
        5. ½ cup, of milk
        6. As required, warm and boiled water
        7. Ghee, as required 
        How to make the Baldar Paratha? 
        1. Sift the flour In a large bowl 
        2. Add salt and milk to the flour
        3. Pour oil and sugar
        4. Mix the flour with your fingers, until turns to a crumbled texture
        5. Knead smooth dough by adding warm water 
        6. The addition of water in small quantities as required will prevent you from adding too much water to bind the dough
        7. The dough should be soft like chapattis
        8. Grease the surface of the dough with ½ tsp oil
        9. Cover it with a clean muslin cloth or kitchen towel
        10. Leave it to set at room temperature for a half-hour
        11. Divide the equal portion of the dough
        12. Give each portion the shape of a ball
        13. Take one dough ball, and flatten it like a disk by pressing it between your palm
        14. Coat it with dry wheat flour
        15. Roll out dough in a circular shape approx 6-7 inches in diameter
        16. Now spread ghee over the entire surface using a brush or your hand
        17. Sprinkle dry wheat flour over it
        18. Hold approx 1/3 inch wide strip with your first two fingers, thumb from the top of the rolled raw paratha
        19. Lift and fold backward such that the top edge remains on top
        20. Now hold two ends of the pitted strip and repeat the lift and fold backward process until the entire rolled paratha
        21. Roll it like a snail press and stick the outer end against the roll’s immediate surface
        22. Prepare remaining rolls
        23. Take one roll  and place it horizontally on the rolling surface
        24. Coat it with dry wheat flour and roll it gently without applying too much pressure
        25. And give it a round shape approx 5-6 inches in diameter
        26. Heat Tawa/skillet over medium flame
        27. Place the raw baldar paratha on the hot Tava
        28. When you see tiny bubbles rise on the surface
        29. Flip it upside down
        30. Spread 1 tbsp ghee over each side with a spatula
        31. Cook until both sides get evenly spread golden–brown spots
        32. Transfer to the plate
        33. Repeat the process for the remaining dough balls
        34. Serve them with omeletkebabs, and tea this kind of meal makes your tummy-filling breakfast
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