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Achari Baingan Aloo Recipe

achari baingan aloo recipe with step by step photos

Achari Aloo Baingan | Potato Eggplant || How to Make Aloo Baingan with step-by-step photos

Eggplant and Potato The flavor of this achari baingan sabzi is spicythis is literally tangy and has a beautiful aroma of pickle spices. Usually is prepared with mustard oil but if you don’t like the taste of mustard oil you can cook it with canola oil or olive oil

I have already posted achar masala powder in my earlier posts, I will give a link to achar masala in the ingredients list nowadays very fresh and purple and green brinjal are available in the market from which you can make tasty eggplant curry
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achari baingan aloo

I personally love eggplant in every form. Whether it’s made the curry style, Katla style, or fried with besan  I like them all! What’s your favorite way to eat eggplant? I would love to know.
This recipe is prepared with onions, brinjal, potato, and tomatoes along with achar masala, an easy and so simple recipe 
so lets me the go-ahead to know how to make achari baingan aloo 

How to make sure your aloo (potato) and baingan (eggplant) don’t turn into mush in this recipe?

Make sure to chop them big. If you finely chop them, it will all turn mush. I really hate it when veggies turn to mush. So make sure you chop them into big – 1 to 1.5-inch pieces for this recipe.
achari baingan aloo


  1. To prepare this recipe use small seedless brinjal so that it made more delicious
  2. Can be used seasoned purple, green brinjal even white baingan if available 
  3. Using mustard oil to enhance the taste of achari aloo baingan
achari baingan

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Take all ingredients and prepare them all, Put the chopped eggplants in water to prevent blackishly


In a pot heat the oil and saute the onion on a medium flame for 5-7 minutes, then add chopped tomatoes to the onion, and cook them on medium-low heat until softened 


Mix well by adding achar masala and 
green chilies to the masala, stir to mix well on low heat


Cook masala by splashing water to prevent burning spices, then p
ut chopped brinjal and potatoes into the masala


Stir to combine well with masala on medium flame until they go down, pour 1/4 cup water into the baingan aloo if needed


Mix well on high flame until boiling, then reduce the heat to medium and cook it for 10 minutes till water dries out and oil is separated then simmer for 10 minutes


Transfer to the serving plate/dish and garnish with coriander leaves,achari aloo baingan is ready to serve


Achari baingan can be served with rotis,boiled or bagara rice, and naan...
how to make achari baingan  

Potato Eggplant The flavor of this achari baingan sabzi is spicythis is literally tangy and has a beautiful aroma of pickle spices...

  1. ½ kg, baingan brinjal
  2. 1 cup, onions chopped
  3. 2-3 medium, potatoes
  4. 1 cup, tomatoes chopped
  5. 5-7 big, green chilies
  6. 3-4 tbsp, homemade achar masala
  7. 1 cup, mustard/canola/olive oil
  8. ½ tsp, dried fenugreek seeds
  9. 1 tsp, ginger garlic paste
How to Make Achari Aloo Baingan Recipe:
  1. Heat the oil and add some dry fenugreek seeds and let them crackle then add onion to the oil
  2. Sauté them for 4-5 minutes then add tomatoes and cook them until tomatoes are soft
  3. Then add ginger garlic paste along with achari masala and roast them together on medium flame
  4. Reduce the heat to low then add green chilies and further stir to combine well 
  5. Now add chopped eggplants and potatoes together 
  6. And mix them well with masala on medium flame and roast them together till everything is incorporated 
  7. Now check whether the potatoes are soft or not then pour ½ cup of hot water 
  8. Bring it to a boil and cook it on medium-high flame until water has evaporated and oil comes to the surface  
  9. Achari aloo baingan can be garnished with fresh coriander leaves it’s optional
  10. Transfer to the serving dish/bowl
  11. Achari aloo baingan is ready to serve
  12. Achari baingan can be served with rotisboiled or bagara rice, and naan...
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