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Shahi Tukda Recipe

shahi tukda recipe with step by step photos and video

Shahi Tukda || Royal Dessert  || How to make Shahi tukda with step-by-step photos and video 

Shahi tukda Having its roots in the Mughlai cuisine, Shahi Tukda is a rich and creamy royal dessert, made up of bread, condensed milk or cream, dry fruits along with khoya or powdered milk, 

It is particularly prepared during the festive month of Ramzan and on Eid. 
as well as it is known as a Double ka Meetha

Shahi Tukda is a royal dessert  Made by deep frying the bread, and then drizzling it with thick luscious rabdi, this delightful dessert is one of the best yet easy to make So, so here’s how to make Shahi Tukda Recipe at home. Pakistani cuisine has many options for desserts. You can keep on making a new variety and still, there will be some options left to explore. Yet, one of the most noteworthy desserts of Pakistan include Shahi Tukda 


Interestingly, despite it being a royal dessert, you would be pleased to know that it is in totality a simple dish to pull off. Hence, I have often made and served it at festivals as well as parties.

These days, many people try Shahi Tukda Recipe with condensed milk or with milkmaid which is really fine. However, in the earlier days, it was made by frying the bread slices in pure ghee and topping them with reduced milk or rabdi.
Especially relevant, is the fact that you can keep the bread pieces ready and assemble them just when your guests arrive. That way, they wouldn’t go all soggy. it is as simple to make and serve.

My grandmother used to prepare it on a special occasion 
But I thought why don’t make it without any occasion so main ingredients are bread, cream, and khoya I used homemade khoya you can store-bought if available easily in your area, here I will tell you step-by-step photos you must follow instructions so let’s began with step by step photos....

Tips to make the Best Shahi Tukda:
  1. To prepare shahi tukda use some stale bakery bread slices
  2. Use fresh milk instead of tetra-pack milk
  3. If you have any health issues you can skip the cream
  4. Instead of using white sugar can be used brown sugar as well    
  5. Frybread slices in Desi ghee will bring the real test of Mughlai cuisine
  6. While frying the bread be very careful. It burns in a second. So make sure the ghee is not too hot and fry the bread slices on medium-low heat until they are golden brown.
  7. The sugar syrup should not be too thick. Just let the sugar melt and cook the syrup for 5-6 minutes on low heat.
  8. The rabdi to top shahi tukda should be of flowing consistency but not too thin.
  9. If you like crunchy shahi toast, then dip the bread in syrup for just 5-10 seconds, and if you like it soft, then for 15-20 seconds

Here's my latest video on Shahi Tukda:


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To prepare shahi tukda first cut the bread slices into half to a rectangular shape or as the desired shape set them aside...

shahi tukda

Boil the fresh milk properly


Coarsely chop the almonds and pistachios, and chop the coconut into slices.
Note: prepare homemade khoya according to my recipe or can be used store-bought


Add sugar and water in a saucepan/pot, cook the sugar syrup till starts bubbling then add food color. Stir to mix well and further cook tills syrup is thickening then add kewra essence


Heat the ghee in a frying pan, turning the flame to low then place bread slices in medium hot oil/ghee, shallow fry each side for 2 minutes or until nice golden color
Repeat the same process with all remaining slices, shift to another dish

how to make shahi tukra

Heat up the milk by adding green cardamom powder, and keep stirring on low-medium heat

royal dessert

Milk is thickened reduce the heat to low, now put khoya and cream in the milk

shahi tukra recipe

Keep stirring until khoya and cream dissolve turn off the flame  

shahi tukda recipe

Now add sugar syrup to the prepared milk mixture
    shahi tukda recipe

Set all the fried bread slices on the dish

shahi tukda

Now start to pour the mixture over the bread slice. right after sprinkling khoya

shahi tukra

Then garnish it with dry fruits, Shahi Tukda is done now keep it in the fridge for an hour

shahi tukda

Now ready to serve

Shahi Tukda is a rich and creamy royal dessert, made up of bread, condensed milk or cream, and dry fruits with khoya or powdered milk.

  1. 8 large, bread slices
  2. 750g, of fresh milk
  3. As required, ghee/desi ghee for frying
  4. 1/6 tsp, green cardamom powder
Ingredients for Sugar Syrup:
  1. 1 cup, of sugar or to taste
  2. 1/8 tsp, orange food color
  3. 3-5 drops, of kewra essence
  4. 1 cup, of water
Ingredients for Garnishing:
  1. 1 tbsp, chopped almond
  2. 1 tbsp, chopped pistachio
  3. ½ tbsp, coconuts thinly sliced
  4. 200g, homemade khoya  
  5. 100g, tetra cream/fresh cream
How to make Shahi Tukda?
  1. In a saucepan put sugar and water and allow cooking till turns into a thick consistency
  2. Once the sugar syrup is thickened add orange color and mix well
  3. Some more cook sugar syrup for 5 minutes on low-medium flame till bubbles appear on top of the surface turn off the flame and add kewra essence keep aside
  4. Heat the ghee in a frying pan or wok then place bread slices on medium hot oil/ghee
  5. Fry each side for 2 minutes on low-medium heat then flip them and shallow fry another side for another 2 minutes till you get nice golden brown color
  6. Both sides should be crispy and golden brown crust
  7. Repeat the same process with all remaining slices
  8. Place the boiled milk on the gas and add green cardamom
  9. Stir to mix well and bring the milk to boil
  10. Cook the milk on a low-medium flame
  11. Keep stirring until the milk starts to thicken
  12. Reduce the heat to low and put half the khoya and cream in the milk
  13. Stir to combine well
  14. Note, keep remaining khoya for garnishing
  15. Once the khoya and cream are dissolved in milk remove them from the stove
  16. Now add sugar syrup to the milk mixture
  17. Stir to mix well keep aside
  18. Set all the fried bread slices in the serving dish, better
  19. I will prefer to use a large microwave baking dish if you have one because your bread slices won’t break after soaking in the milk mixture and easily you can take them out from the dish
  20. I didn’t have this is the reason I used another deep serving dish anyhow
  21. Now pour the milk mixture over the bread slices
  22. Make sure you are pouring milk evenly
  23. Now garnish it with remaining khoya and dry fruits
  24. If you are going to serve before the guests you can use edible  silver paper(Chandi ka work) it will look very tempting and must other people crave to have it
  25. Now Shahi Tukda is done keep it in the refrigerator for an hour
  26. Ready to serve  
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