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Chia Seeds Drink Recipe

Chia seed drink || Tukh malanga ka sherbet || How to make chia seeds drink in two ways with step-by-step photos... 

Chia seeds are a  healthy and energetic drink that protects you from dehydration in hot weather and controls your thirst, Chia seeds are loaded with healthy benefits, one ounce (28 g) serving of chia seeds contains 9 percent of the recommended daily value for protein, 13 percent of oil and 42 percent of the recommended daily intake of dietary fiber.

Chia is a rich source of essential minerals including phosphorus and manganese as well as calcium and trace amounts of sodium and potassium, which all keep vital organs functioning properly.

Chia seed makes them considered a "superfood is a rich source of omega 3 and in fact, has more Omega-3 than flax seed. Omega-3 fatty acids support brain and heart function, promote healthy skin and hair, and may prevent and treat certain mild types of depression.

So I thought I would make a beverage to put chia seed Tukh malanga is an ancient seed that many years ago people used to beat the heat  plus more useful for reducing stomach heat   

I will make 2 types of chia seed drinks so easy and quick recipe Ramadan isn’t so far at the iftar time this drink will give you satisfaction from thirst and will control drinking too much water which is why nobody is able to eat anything after iftar due to drinking lots water the end result weakness and this drink control your thirst and allow to have food according to your hunger 

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chia seeds drinks

To prepare this recipe firstly we boil the milk properly 

Soak the chia seeds in a little water


Add a little water to a jug then put sugar mix it then add ruh afzah it for 10 minutes


After 10 minutes stir it well then add chilled water, chia seeds with water in which they are soaked, and lemon juice


Mix them well then add crushed ice/cube it's your choice, Tukh malanga drink is ready to chill and served.


Add a little water to a jug  then put sugar and ruh afzah togetherleave them for 5 minutes then stir to combine well until everything is incorporated


Now pour the ruh afzah mixture into the milk


Add chia seeds with water in which they are soaked 


Mix them well then add crushed ice/cube it's your choice


Tukh malanga milk drink is ready to chill and serve


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