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Ridge Gourd Curry Recipe

ridge gourd recipe with step by step with photos

Ridge Gourd Curry || Turai Sabzi Recipe || How to Make Turai Curry  with step-by-step photos

Ridge Gourd Curry is a combination of veggie and meat, delicious. simple with thick spiced sauce, I tried to cook ridge gourd (turai) with mutton keema (minced mutton) yesterday, we call it turai keema to have with boiled rice for our dinner. you can have it with chapati and Naan, both recipes have been put already in my previous post.

In my family, my mother and my grandmother had been cooking Turai Chana Dal, Turai AndaTurai Bhujia, but never experienced meat or mince
turai sabzi recipe

So I keep on changing the turai keema recipe as per convenience, certainly, my own version worked in the Turai Keema Recipe, inshallah I hope you people when will try it at home with my style or ingredients you feel the difference, I always level try my best that simplicity should see in my cooking because naturally, I am simple and love simplicity in everything

To prepare this recipe first is cooked ground mince with spices and separately prepared turai then combine together, so let's go ahead and see, the How to Cook Tasty Turai Keema Recipe
Note: you can adjust the measurement of the recipe accordingly to quantity, even you can even less or more to taste                          
ridge gourd curry

Firstly rinse the keema under running water and set aside
Peel and cut all ridge gourds (turai) rinse thoroughly set aside
In the grinder, jar put black peppercorn, and black cardamom, and then grind them well till turn into a fine powder

Cut ginger garlic and grind them together until smooth texture
Grind or chop green chilies, You can grind green chilies with ginger garlic paste as well, Chopped onion and tomato set aside, In the grinder, jar put coriander and cumin seeds
Grind them coarsely 

how to make ridge gourd curry

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Heat the oil in the pot then add the onion saute it on a medium flame for 2 minutes


Add ginger garlic and green chilies, stir them well for 1 minute then add chopped tomatoes let it cook until tomatoes are soft 


Now add ground meat/mince


    Keep on stirring till changes its color


    Now add spices, and stir to mix well them

    Add salt and keep stirring for 2 minutes over medium-low heat, now pour little water 

    Let it cook over the low-medium flame, once the water dries out the transfer to the plate

    In the same pot or separate as you like to pour little oil then add cumin seeds, and let it crackle for a few seconds

    Now add ridge gourd mix them well, then ground spices powder along with some salt

    Stir to mix them well, cover the lid and let it cook over medium heat

    After 10 minutes remove the lid, mash the turai with the wooden spoon, and cook it until well combined

    Now add cooked mince to the turai, and stir to combine well for 2 minutes over medium heat

    Then pour some water and stir to mix well_Allow to cook it another 10 minutes, now simmer it for 2-3 minutes on very low heat, until oil is separated

    Now tasty turai keema is done, transfer to the serving bowl and serve it with boiled rice and chapatis,naan 

    ridge gourd curry

    Turai Keema is a combination of veggie and meat, delicious. simple with thick spiced sauce

    1. 750g, ridge gourds (Turai)
    2. 300g, mice (keema) mutton, chicken beef, or lamb 
    3. 4-5, green chilies freshly ground
    4. ½ medium piece, ginger freshly ground
    5. 3-5, garlic freshly ground
    6. 2 tsp, crushed red chili 
    7. ½ tsp, turmeric powder
    8. Salt to taste
    9. 1, large tomato chopped
    10. ½ cup, onion finely chopped
    11. 1 tsp, black peppercorn freshly ground
    12. 2, black cardamom freshly ground
    13. 1 tsp, coriander seeds coarsely crushed
    14. ½ tsp, cumin seeds, coarsely crushed
    15. 100g, ghee/oil
    How to make a Turai Curry?
    1. In a pot add ghee and heat it well on medium flame
    2. Add onion and let it sauté for 2 minutes over medium heat
    3. Now add ginger garlic with green chili paste
    4. Stir to mix well for a minute
    5. Now add chopped tomatoes and mix further
    6. Allow to cook it for 2 minutes over medium flame till the tomato is soft
    7. Now add minced/ground meat and stir well until changes its color
    8. Now add red chili powder, turmeric, salt, crushed cumin, and coriander seeds
    9. Stir them together and reduce the flame to low-medium flame
    10. Pour some water and allow to cook another 5 minutes over low-medium heat until the water dries up
    11. Now transfer all cooked mince to the plate and set aside
    12. In the same pot, you add some cumin seeds and let it crackle for a few seconds
    13. Now add turai along with black peppercorn and cardamom powder mix them and add a bit of salt
    14. Stir to combine well cover it
    15. Let them cook over medium heat for 10 minutes
    16. After 10 minutes mash the turai with the help of a wooden spoon until well combined
    17. Then add cooked mince to the turai and stir to mix well
    18. Stir them and allow to cook for another 10 minutes over medium flame
    19. At this stage, you can adjust salt and other spice too
    20. Simmer it over a very low flame until oil is separated        
    21. Now turai keema is ready to serve with boiled ricechapati, and naan...
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