Gurda Masala Recipe - Yummy Traditional

Gurda Masala Recipe

Beef Kidney | Gurda Masala a tasty and simple preparation which will make cooking the beef/mutton kidney as simple as a breeze, today I am going to share with all Special Gurda Dil Masala (kidney curry) in Pakistan at eid event usually liver-kidney mixed are cooked at home after Sunnat e Ibrahim (sacrifice)  it is known as a traditional recipe most popular and spiced tasty masala recipe but here I am preparing only Dil Gurda mixed  masala curry because the problem with liver (kaliji) can’t overcook they become so hard and kidney and heart will take time for both to soften

Note: if you are cooking in the pressure cooker that will take hardly 15 minutes to cook, it is a tasty and yummy recipe that can be served with naanchapatis and bagara ricebread loaf and tandoori roti
Main ingredients are:
Kidney,yogurt, onion, and black pepper and cardamom spice mixed is added in a masala that makes it spicy and delicious, I am using beef kidneys and heart you can use mutton or lamb, So let's begin with step by step photos.....      

Preparing of gurda masala:
Clean and cut the kidneys into cube then rinse under the running water, take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


Cooking gurda masala:
Heat the oil and saute the onion slices, then put kidneys to the onions


Fry them until changes color, add ginger garlic paste and stir to mix well


Add Spice to the kidney masala, stir to mix well, Now add yogurt, keep on stirring over the low-medium flame for 5 minutes...


Add ground spice to the gurda masala, keep on stirring until release the oil on top of it


    Pour hot and boiled water 


    Stir to combine well, bring gurda masala to boil


    Close the lid, allow to cook it for 15 minutes_after remove the lid mix slightly and add green chilies and coriander leaves,simmer it for 5 minutes over low heat


    Now transfer to the serving plate 
    Ready To serve with chapatis and naan,bagara rice 


    How to make recipe?

    Beef Kidney or the Gurda Masala a tasty and simple preparation that will make cooking the beef/mutton kidney as simple as a breeze...

    1. ½ kg,kidney, and heart mixed
    2. 1 1/2 tbsp, ginger garlic paste
    3. Salt to taste
    4. 1 tsp, black peppercorn
    5. 3, black cardamom
    6. 1 tsp, red chili powder
    7. 1/3 tsp, turmeric powder
    8. ½ cup, homemade yogurt beaten
    9. 1 large, onion
    10. 1/2 cup, cooking oil
    11. 1 tbsp, coriander optional for garnishing
    12. 2-3 green chilies optional for garnishing 
    1. Heat the oil in the pot/pressure cooker
    2. Put the onion slices then sauté it for 3-4 minutes over medium heat, add gurda and fry them until changes its color
    3. Add ginger-garlic paste
    4. Stir them well over the low-medium flame for 2 minutes so that smell could remove
    5. Now add spices red chili powder, turmeric and salt
    6. Fry them together for a minute over medium-low heat
    7. Then add beaten yogurt stir it well
    8. Now add black pepper and cardamom powder
    9. Stir it well till oil separates
    10. Then add 1-2 cups boil and hot water mix it
    11. Bring it to boil
    12. Then close the lid of pressure cooker
    13. Cook it around 15 minutes after whistling
    14. After 15 minutes remove the lid and
    15. Once  cooked the kidneys then add coriander leaves and green chilies
    16. Allow to simmer it for 5 minutes over a very low flame
    17. Gurda Dil Masala is ready to serve with the rice, naan, and chapatis....
    18. Now transfer to the serving plate 
    19. Ready To serve with chapatis and naan,bagara rice etc...
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