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Fried Fish Recipe


Easy Fried Fish| Pan-Fried Fish || How to make fried fish with step-by-step photos
Easy Fried Fish is an extremely delicious, mouthwatering, and mild spiced recipe, it is known as a traditional Pakistani recipe, which is prepared with 6 ingredients, no batter required nor many spices, quick and easy to make, here I added some rice flour to the best coating on fish but this is optional you can skip it, originally in this recipe don't use any coating agent but 
I did, fried fish refers to any fish or shellfish prepared by frying. Often, the fish is covered with battered egg, breadcrumbs, flour, or herbs and spices before being fried and served, often with a slice of lemon. 
Fish is fried in many parts of the world, and fried fish is an important food in many cuisines because fish contains a low-fat high-quality protein. Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and a great source of minerals. 
In this recipe, very little oil can be used in shallow frying fish But can be also deep-fried, if you want some more crispy and crunchy crust on top of the fish then you must deep fry, On the other hand, if wanna have a steamed style so you just will be need of 2 tablespoon olive oil in a non-stick pan, and place marinade fish on pan and cook from both sides till both sides are done

Pan-fried fish is one of the easiest fish recipes, I guess.  This recipe for fried fish is one of my favorite fish recipes which is common in almost all restaurants and households. Well-marinated fish is fried in a non-stick pan until both sides are done. This perfect crispy fried fish, when accompanied by steamed rice, will make your lunch meal delectable for sure. You can see a variety of fried fish recipes on my blog. The recipe for this fish fry is quite simple.

Just marinate the fish with a few spices and then shallow /deep fry in a pan over a medium flame until it turns to nice golden brown in color. above I have given options shallow or deep to taste and choose, Here is the recipe telling how to make pan-fried fish with step-by-step photos additionally I will also share with all how to remove the fish smell with step-by-step photos..kindly follow the instructions properly couldn't make difference between fish and other meat, the smell just goes away.....here I used mushka fish, you can use any kind of fish that you like most..:)    


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    easy fried fish

    To prepare this recipe first we will have to thoroughly rinse the fish take one large-sized bowl put fish wheat flour along with water, and rub each piece with flour, this tip will remove the smell

    Then rinse them under the running water 

    Add 1 tbsp turmeric powder to the fish and repeat the same process of rubbing each piece of fish with turmeric powder 

      Rinse the fish pieces under the running water, and now the fish is ready to use in the recipe           

      Put the cumin seeds in the pan dry roast them slightly on low flame and then crush them in the mortar

      In a large-sized mixing bowl put fish, combine all dry spice powder with some water

      I put some rice flour and water as I mentioned in my description you can skip but this flour will make your fish crispy and crunchy 


      Apply the spices with all fish pieces properly and  keep in the refrigerator for marination for about 2 hours

      Place a non-stick pan on flame pour oil and heat it well on medium flame

      Take out marinated fish from the fridge


      Now put fish in the medium hot oil pan and  allow to fry each side for 2 to 4 minutes on medium flame

      Flip and cook another side on medium flame till turns to crispy crust on top_Repeat the same process with all remaining fish

      Now Transfer to the serving plate with onion and lemon wedges

      Now ready to serve with hot sauce rumali roti  and naan

      Fish Fingers Recipe


      Fish Finger | Fish Fry || How to make Fish Fingers with step-by-step photos and Video

      Finger Fish are very delicious, crisp from the outside and juicy from the inside these fish, fingers are literally lip-smacking deep-fried seafood snack_that are marinated with flour batter and then coated with crumbs and then These fish fingers are a breeze to make you just can't go wrong with this delicious and easy recipe

      There are some delicious appetizers that we can make but need time and effort, and if we have less time on our hands
      then this fish fried fingers  recipe can be a place for others these fish fingers are always hit and more popular at social gathering_Just marinate the fish  with some flour batter and spices then coat it with crumbs and your crispy crumbly fish fingers are ready to be served

      Personally, this fish finger is my all-time favorite snack_you can say I am a fish lover-no care that the weather is hot or cold I am always ready to eat this thing also came to my notice that people don’t have fish in summer_but I never care of it_however I am sharing one of my hot favorites snack hopefully you will even love my recipe

      My Latest Video Fish Finger:

      Can be Freeze Fish Fingers:

      You can also freeze uncooked fish fingers by lining a baking tray with cling film add the uncooked fish fingers on the tray and cover it with cling film again_Freeze it completely and once it is done, then transfer it to the freezer bags
      It stays good for about a month

      Benefits of Fish Fingers:
      1. We all know that fish has a lot of health benefits, as this seafood is rich in fiber, protein, iron, and other nutritious
      2. It is also filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2, which are very helpful for the growth of your brain and body
      3. It maintains your heart health, boosts brain health, reduces the risk of autoimmune diseases helps in good vision and can help in good vision and can help in lowering the symptoms of anxiety and depression
      4. Therefore you should include them in your everyday meal

      If you are a fish lover then you must try my other fish recipes

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      To prepare this recipe first wash the fish fillets with wheat flour as I always have been coming to share with all that
      How to wash fish but here I didn’t use turmeric powder as wheat flour was enough to remove fish odor Cut the fish fillets into strips


      Then squeeze fresh lemon juice along with ginger-garlic paste_Stir to mix well and cover the lid then keep aside


      In a large-sized bowl add plain flour, rice flour, and spices_Stir to mix up the flour together                    

      Now put an egg and ¼ cup water_Whisk them together to make a thick batter   

      Now put all marinated fish strips in the flour batter_Mix them up with the help of your fingers-don’t use the spoon as fish strips are too delicate   


      Leave it to rest for 2 hours and keep it in the refrigerator 


      Adjust the spices at this stage and mix them up again              


      Take a fish strip then coat it with breadcrumbs very well_Coat all fish strips and place them on the plate


      Heat the oil in the wok at a medium temperature of around 140 C        


      Drop the coated fish strips in the medium-hot oil_Fry the finger fish until golden brown on the medium flame


      Drain on a plate/tray lined with kitchen tissue   

      Fish fingers are ready to serve_Transfer to the serving dish/plate


      Serve hot with green chili sauce, and ketchup alongside French fries         
      serve with green sauce

      Tawa Fish Recipe


      Tawa Fish | Pan-Fried Fish || How to make Tawa Fish recipe with step-by-step photos 

      Tawa Fish is a delicious, flavored shallow-fried seafood meal that is prepared with a few basic spices and herbs and then cooked on a flat pan/skillet. an easy  recipe goes well with naanchapattis, and chutney   

      It is a delight of the rainy/winter season and is served at every eating place. Now you can prepare this amazing recipe at home.
      Mainly to make Tawa Fish you require fish fillets, but here I made Tawa fish with small-size of mushka fish, which I like more than other fish, this small fish is full of flavor and juicy white large/giant fish becomes so dry and tasteless after cooking, so I always prefer to buy this delicious small fish to cook

      To prepare Tawa fish marinade fish with ginger garlic paste and gram masala then separately fish batter is prepared by mixing spices, gram flour, egg, ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, and coriander leaves to give it an ultimate spicy, tangy, and strong taste. Tawa Fish recipe is usually made by roadside vendors and highway restaurants in the open-air  
      For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips

      Recipe notes:
      1. Fish: either use fish fillet or small fish but buy always fresh fish, avoid buying stale fish, as it contains a stinky and bad taste  
      2. Skillet/pan: using a non-stick pan/skillet will make your fish cooking easy while an iron or another type of utensil may your fish stick from the bottom
      3. Fish rinse: the most important part of fish cooking is to rinse them thoroughly until the smell goes away. to it simply apply some flour over the fish and leave it to for 10 minutes then wash carefully under the running water as fish meat is so delicate and easily can shred also you can check out my easy fried fish which I have shown the method of fish rinsing
      4. Marination: marinade the fish and resting is the key to delicious and juicy fish, though marination time is not so long even then marination fish with rest is an essential part of making Tawa fish or any type of fish     
      5. Frying fish: Maintaining the heat of the stove is also so important since Tawa fish is cooked on a flat pan with a little oil by covering it so that all spices that are applied to the fish are cooked properly on all sides so don’t turn the flame high, the best heat is moderately flame to cook Tawa fish
      6. Spices: I used all basic powder spices with lemon and herb except carom as these seeds make me acidic in my stomach so I have to skip but you can add them in making batter this spice helps to digest the food   

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      To begin this recipe firstly wash the fish thoroughly as per my instruction, Ginger garlic paste and herbs preservation method can be found on this link kitchen hacks

      Take a tray/plate to put rinsed fish in it. Apply ginger garlic, white vinegar, and gram masala over the fish and rub gently the fish with spices all over the sides and slits
      Leave it aside for 20 minutes

      Meanwhile, prepare the gram flour batter. to it take a mixing bowl. Squeeze the fresh lemon juice in it then add gram flour, rice flour, and cornflour. ginger garlic paste

      Next, whisk the egg and pour it into the mixing bowl along with red chili powder, Kashmiri red chili powder, crushed coriander powder

      Towards the end add crushed black pepper, turmeric powder, salt, chopped coriander leaves, and food color. 

      Give it to good stir till everything is incorporated

      Now take another opened tray/plate and coat each marinated fish with prepared batter 

      And keeps in the fridge for half an hour for marination


      Heat the oil on the flat pan/skillet place the marinated fish on the pan and put the lid on. Cook each side of the fish on moderately low flame for 5-7 minutes

      Remove the lid flip the side and cook another side by covering

      Once they turn a nice golden brown color on both sides, take them out from the pan

      Transfer to the serving dish

      Serve hot with chapattinaan, and chutney