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Tomato Fish Curry Recipe


Tomato Fish Curry | Tomato Fish with step-by-step photos and video.

This Fish Curry is thick spicy aromatic flavored seafood, pretty easy and delicious thick gravy curry, in which are used a few and simple ingredients, spicy tomato fish curry is own version of my family, I remember those days when my grandmother used to cook it with plain rice

This post is old I just added a tomato fish curry video with this post, so that you could clearly understand it

You would have eaten several types of tomato fish but it’s a bit different in taste than other fish curry recipes, mainly always have been seeing since I started to learn cooking with my mother and elder sister that they used to add very few spices in the cooking nevertheless had a flavor and aroma of meals, personally I love seafood especially fish always been my hot favorite.

Tomato Fish Curry Video Recipe:

Right there I even learned that meal never goes well by adding more spices, using a few species will make your meal tastier than other spicy food.

Here I used mushka small fish to make curry, I prefer small fish to a big one, just because this is more delicious and tasty than big, and the upper part of fish is the best for making gravy based curry, but not necessary that you use the same fish you can use any other type of fish whether they are big or small as desired 

so let's begin 


  1. To prepare this delicious seafood curry first we will have to thoroughly rinse the fish with flour and turmeric so that smell of fish goes away 
  2. Note, in my previous post on the fried fish recipe have told you how to wash fish you can find it on my blog 
  3. Before cooking, fish  curry must lightly fry the fish  
  4. Don't stir the spoon after adding fish to gravy they may shred
  5. Just shake up the pot 
  6. Mustard oil can make your fish curry is tasty than other cooking oil 
  7. Fish has contained minerals, vitamins, and iron this is the reason never use more salt, it may be bitter in taste 
  8. Use large capacity of pot/pan while are cooking fish curry 
  9. Fish pieces won't break

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Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies 

Rinse the fish with flour and turmeric powder 


Place all washed fish pieces on the tray

Put the chopped onion with garlic cloves in the grinding jar


And blend them till fine and smooth paste set aside


Take a medium-sized bowl and prepare spiced yogurt for that add yogurt along with red chili powder, Kashmiri red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, and salt, stir to combine well set aside


Take another separate large bowl put all washed fish pieces then add lemon juice and a bit of salt 

Rub gently the salt and lemon juice with fish pieces them well set aside for 10 minutes

Place a non-stick frypan on flame and pour little oil

And lightly fry fish pieces from both sides for a minute, place all fish pieces on the plate/tray, and set them aside

On the other hand, place a large capacity pot/wok on flame, pour oil heat it then add dried fenugreek seeds, let them crackle for a few seconds, then add onion, ginger garlic paste, cook onion paste on a medium flame for 10 minutes                 

Once water is evaporated, reduce the heat then pour spiced yogurt and tomato puree together, stir to mix well 


And further cook onion paste with spices on medium heat for 10 minutes until oil is separated from gravy, now pour 50 ml hot water into the gravy, bring it to boil 

Put half chopped coriander leaves and green chilies, now place carefully all fish pieces in the pot/pan, cook the fish pieces with masala on a medium flame for 2-3 minutes

Don't stir the spoon in the pot after adding fish pieces, just shake up with a kitchen napkin


Then reduce the heat to low and add the remaining chopped coriander leaves, green chilies


Now sprinkle garam masala and simmer it for 5 minutes without the lid to prevent shred_Tomato fish is done now transfer to the serving bowl or plate


Now ready to serve with the plain rice,rumali rotinaan 


Fish Kebab Recipe


Fish kebab  | Fish Cutlet Recipe || How to Make Fish kebab with step-by-step photos
Fish kabobs are tasty, flavored, spicy, and mouthwatering fish kababs or cutlets_If you are looking for a new and tasty kabab recipe then the fish kabab or cutlets recipe is definitely the right thing for you. The fish potato kabab is a blend of tasty fish meat loaded with protein and herbs and spices

It is prepared with boneless fish mixed with spices and made in kebab form. These Fish Kebabs are light and easy to make. 
And its taste makes it one of the seafood recipes that you need to try at every cost.

Kebab recipes are very prevalent all over the cities of Pakistan. In Peshawar alone, there are more than 300 kabab eateries. Fish kebabs are new in the region yet they are gaining popularity steadily. The meat can also be used from crabs, lobsters, shrimp, or prawns.

The meat is first ground with herbs and crushed ginger garlic then added spices to the meat_again grind them together then put soaked and squeezed bread slices-bread slices work as a binding agent. And then it is mixed with grated and squeezed onion, fresh coriander leaves and fresh lemon juice_ learn the art of cooking from the comfort of your home

Tired of beef and mutton kebabs? Try out this amazing and delicious Fish Kebabs_It is a perfect dish for dinners and can add to your recipe book. You can make it for Iftar dinners also so let's begin 

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To make Perfect Fish Kebabs:
  1. To make fish kababs use boneless and salty water fish 
  2. Wash fish fillet with wheat flour and turmeric powder_this is the perfect way to remove fish odor 
  3. Before making kabob make sure first that all using ingredients in making fish kababs aren't moist as fish kababs get soggy and shred
  4. Not to need to use eggs or crumbs for coating kababs 
  5. But you can use it if you want a crispy and golden brown crust 
  6. These kababs are perfect for sandwiches as well as for evening snacks   

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To prepare this recipe first we will rinse fish fillets_i used surmai fish fillet you can use desirable fish


Add 2-3 tbsp wheat flour over fish fillets_gentaly rub pieces with flour and thoroughly wash them under the running water

Now sprinkle some turmeric powder over fish fillets then rub them again and then wash again_Turmeric powder completely remove the fishy odor from fish


Place on a colander so that all water could be removed from the pieces


Cut the fish into small pieces


Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies


Collect all spices

Soak the bread slices in little water 


And squeeze them very well

In a food processor put chopped veggies_Chop them together just once_Then add fish meat along with all spices

Keep on grinding by adding squeezed bread slices until well grinded_Shift all meat dough  to the mixing bowl


Now adjust salt and spices at this stage and put squeezed onion, remaining coriander leaves, and lemon juice_Mix them together very well until everything is incorporated
Knead it as a dough for 5 minutes     

Grease the hand with oil 


And divide the equal balls by meat dough_Take one meatball and give it to the kabab shape

Prepare all kabab and place on tray or plate_At this stage, you can store them by keeping them in the food container 


Heat the oil in a frying pan_Place 3-4 kababs in one batch_Fry each side for around 2-3 minutes on medium-high heat

Flip all four kababs and fry them from the other sides_Once the kabab gets golden brown

Shift to the kitchen paper towel to remove excess oil


And then transfer to the serving dish/plate


Serve hot with green chutney and Rotis


Fish Ghotala /Fish Katakat Recipe


Fish Ghotala | Fish Katakat || How to Make Fish Katakat Recipe with step-by-step photos

Fish Katakat is a spiced, very delicious seafood dish_it is cooked with steamed fish pieces or fillets onion, tomatoes, green chillies along with some basic spices, it goes well with boiled rice,rotis_this is also known as a street food where this fish ghotala is sold of the name of kata katIn fish ghotala or fish, kata kat is found similarity_both are cooked with herbs, spices and other ingredients, and both are crushed by a flat cutter or spoon   

I cooked a fish total of boneless fish pieces with skin instead of fish fillet, after steaming the fish pieces I removed the skin it then make it crumble with the help of a hand masher
I personally love seafood, especially this fish ghotala or kata kat whatever you call it…easy to make and tasty in taste
So let’s begin

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To prepare this recipe firstly wash the fish pieces or fish fillet with flour and turmeric powder which has been already shared in my previous post you can find out on my blog from the name of kitchen hacks


Heat the steamer on high heat once the steamer gets heated up well reduce the flame and place fish pieces on it and let them steam for about 10 minutes on medium-high-flame

Fish are steamed, transfer to the plate

Crumble the steamed fish   

Take all ingredients and prepare all veggies set aside 

Heat the oil in the pan then put chopped onion into the oil_Sauté the onion 3-4 minutes on medium flame or until translucent

Put ginger garlic paste_Saute the paste with onion for 2-3 minutes       


Now add chopped tomatoes to the onion_Cook the tomatoes with onion for 5 minutes on low-medium flame

Now add powder spices to the onion masala_Splash some water to prevent burning onion masala_Roast onion masala on low flame

Cook the masala

Put grated ginger, chopped green chillies and some coriander leaves

Keep on stirring by adding black pepper powder


Once the oil is separated from the onion masala


Now put crumbled fish and squeeze the fresh lemon juice into the fish               


Stir to mix well and keep crushing on low flame


Towards the end add coriander leaves and garam masala to the ghotala_Further stir to combine well until everything is incorporated


Fish kata kat is ready

Turn off the flame and transfer it to the serving plate or dish


Fish Katakat can be served with rice and Rotis