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Mutton Korma Recipe


Mutton Korma | Simple Korma Recipe || How to Make Mutton Korma with sep by step photos

Mutton Korma is a dish originating in the Indian subcontinent, consisting of meat whether it be chicken, lamb, beef, or mutton, this recipe is quite an amazing, aromatic and flavored taste, so here try cooking a delicious mutton qorma with an easy recipe

    Korma is the ultimate delight for meat lovers. this korma recipe makes for a great dinner party dish apart from being a mouth-watering staple during festivals like Eid. It is an easy mutton recipe that you can prepare at home in just about an hour.                   

Mutton Korma has to be prepared with
Clarified ghee is a real taste enhanced only from cooking in desi ghee/clarified ghee I have told you in my previous post I don’t like desi ghee taste the reason I am using regular banaspati ghee but you can use it as your taste and choice
Mutton korma is served with sheermal, naan, and rice
So let’s go ahead begin our recipe Mutton Korma

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    Firstly peel and cut the onion into thin slices, In the pot/pan pour oil, and heat it well. Then add onion and fry it over high medium for 5-7 minutes. Then reduce the heat to medium-low and add 3-4 pinch salt, keep frying till turns to crispy golden brown color_Drain them out from the oil, spread on any plate/tray keep aside


    Wash and clean the mutton under the running water, keep aside

      Boil the water in the saucepan


        Whisk the yogurt and add korma masala in it_mix to combine well 


          Ground the ginger garlic paste


          Heat the ghee in the pot, then add mutton meat and fry it till changes it's color add ginger garlic paste and fry them with mutton for 2 minutes

            Add spiced yogurt to the mutton

            Stir to mix well till oil is separated

            Pour hot boiled water and stir to mix well further

            Bring korma to boil, c
            over the lid and cook it for 25-30 minutes over a medium-low flame      


                Add crumbled fried onion and kewra water_Stir to mix well 

                Allow to simmer for 10 minutes, transfer to the serving dish


                  Now tasty mutton korma is ready to serve with naan,sheermal and taftan


                    Egg Curry Recipe


                    Egg Curry | Anda Curry || How to Make Egg Curry Masala Recipe with step-by-step photos..

                    Egg Curry Masala is the most common traditional gravy-based dish_made up of onion, eggs, and some basic spices_easy to make it takes hardly 30 minutes to be cooked. There are many methods and styles is used to make egg curry, here I used a super simple and easy method with a few ingredients

                    Basically, this egg curry is spicy, flavourful, and delicious_this anda curry is exceptionally good when you are not in the mood to cook something elaborate_but wish to make quick delicious food this egg curry can be served with rotisplain parathaplain rice, or flavored rice like zeera rice,bagara rice

                    Basic of an Egg Curry:
                    To make egg curry, firstly crackle the fenugreek seeds then roast onion and ginger garlic paste with powder spices until raw smell goes away later beaten yogurt is added to it until fully masala cooked

                    Meanwhile, fry the eggs in some oil by sprinkling orange/yellow food colour_adding color is totally optional_i love to see yellow/orange eggs in curry or rice_you can skip it if you don’t like colored eggs in your curry

                    Next, the key ingredients eggs go into this cooked gravy, finally finished off with the addition of some herbs like coriander leaves or Kasuri methi and green chilies
                    So let’s begin 

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                    Hard boil the eggs and remove the shells, pierce them with a fork or knife randomly, Heat the little oil in the pan then put boiled eggs and fry them for 5 minutes by sprinkling yellow food color set aside

                    Peel and cut the onion, ginger, and garlic

                    Blend the onion with ginger garlic and then combine all powder spices 

                    2nd step:

                    Whisk the yogurt with the help of a fork/whisker


                    Heat the oil and tempered the fenugreek seeds for 30 seconds

                    Then add onion paste with masala into the pot

                    Stir to combine well and allow cook the onion masala until oil is separated


                    Add yogurt to the masala 

                    And stir well pour water just as needed to make a gravy_Then allow cooking masala for another 10 minutes on medium flame

                    Once the masala is cooked very well, Lower the heat to low_Put the fried eggs in the gravy

                    Bring it to boil first then add some Kasuri methi 

                    Along with green chilies

                    Simmer the egg curry around 10 minutes further on low flame

                    Egg gravy is ready to serve_transfer to the serving dish

                    Serve egg curry with rotinaan or plain rice


                    Mince Stuffed Peppers Recipe


                    Stuffed Mince Peppers | Mince Stuffed  Peppers || How to Make Stuffed peppers with step by step photos 

                    Stuffed Mince peppers are one of the most delicious and spicy curry-long green peppers stuffed with roasted keema and cook in flavoured gravy to make it juicier and lip-smacking_ These stuffed  green chillies make the perfect appetizer or aside dish

                    Trust me if you will try it out once at home your family members wouldn’t live without praising this curry
                    Long green chillies are a lot milder than the smaller bird’s eye chillies used in a lot of Pakistani cooking. They are mildly spicy but not numbingly so.

                    If you still want to reduce the heat, remove the seeds. That is where most of the heat is. If there is one Pakistani street food recipe you need to try, this is it!_in my previous post I also have shared a stuffed cheese chilli fritter recipe_i stuffed beef minced and you can stuff any chicken, lamb or mutton mince as well
                    The version of This stuffed pepper is a bit similar to stuffed keema karela_the only difference of the spices the rest of the cooking method is the same

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                    To make this recipe prepare all veggies

                    Rinse the mince in the colander 


                    Marinate the mince with 2 teaspoons of ginger garlic paste, lemon juice and approximately 1/2 teaspoon of salt or to taste,1/2 tsp black pepper or red chilli flakes


                    Stir to combine well and 

                    Keep aside till required.

                    Wash the chillies and pat them dry. Leave the stalks intact. Place them on a flat surface/chopping board to steady them (since chillies have uneven sides you need to place them on their most flat side. Slit the chillies lengthwise starting from just below the stalk all the way to the end. Stop just ahead of the end – don’t slit them completely.

                    Carefully scoop out the seeds and pith from the peppers taking care to see that you don’t tear them too much, especially near the stalk where maximum seeds are found. Lightly sprinkle each chilli with salt, inside out. Keep aside till required 

                    In a pan/non-stick kadhai heat, the oil on a medium flame and Then add the onions and fry them until they turn golden_ Add the marinated mince 

                    And fry till the water evaporates, then add the remaining black pepper

                    Mix well and stir on low heat for about a minute_When the mince is cooked add chopped green chillies and ginger Do a quick taste check and add lime juice if required

                    Mix up well

                    Let the mince cool down a little before you stuff the peppers. Assemble and fry

                    Divide the mince stuffing into two portions keep one for the stuffing and another one will be used in gravy

                    When the mince is cool enough to handle, stuff it into the peppers taking care not to overstuff as the filling will spill out while frying.

                    Carefully tie the peppers with pieces of string and secure the ends with a knot

                    Prepare all peppers and place them on the plate

                    Heat oil in a large frying pan and place the peppers in a row. Ensure that you don’t overcrowd the pan as flipping the peppers to cook on all sides will be quite a task

                    The skin of the peppers is a little wrinkled, it's done.


                    Heat the oil in another pan and sauté the onion for 3-4 minutes on medium heat_Add the tomatoes along with ½ tsp ginger garlic paste and add salt to taste if required 

                    Once the tomatoes release their water start adding powder spices like red chilli powder, Kashmiri red chilli powder, coriander powder and garam masala

                    Stir to mix up well and keep roasting the masala till oil is separated, Add the reserved cooked mince to the masala

                    Mix everything and add ½ cup of water_bring it to boil then


                    Cover the pan and let cook for 3-4 minutes on medium flame

                    Remove the lid 

                    And place all stuffed and fried peppers over mince
                    Cover the frying pan with a large lid and cook on medium heat for 3-4 minutes before flipping. The heat should be maintained on a medium-high

                    When the peppers have changed in colour to a pale green_Stuffed chillies are ready

                    Transfer to the serving dish/tray

                    Delicious mince stuffed mince peppers serve hot with plain rice, chapatis or pulao