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Malai Kofta Recipe


Malai Kofta | Meatballs Curry is rich creamy, super soft, delicious, and tasty with a thick gravy based meatballs curry which is prepared with meat and onion spices in which are included cream or (malai) and yogurt to make a soft and creamy texture that can be served with lachha paratha or naan as well as any type of flavored rice,

To make the koftas I used beef meat along with poppy seeds and roasted chana, ginger piece, coriander leaves, green chilies, grated onion,1 tbsp squeezed yogurt as the main ingredients

This malai kofta recipe is very easy to make at home, soft and melt in your mouth cook in onion spices and added yogurt and cream to bring softness in meatballs and smoothness in gravy,

the koftas will turn out very soft and juicy inside, as well as I used some fat (cherbi)in making gravy for bringing more softness and creamy texture it is optional you can skip it so let's begin with step by step photos...

We need:

    Preparation of malai kofta:
    To prepare meatballs first we will grate the onion then squeeze well set aside until required

    Put the yogurt in a muslin cloth to remove excess water from the yogurt
    Note, should be not a drop of water in yogurt or grated onion otherwise meatballs will shred by going in gravy

    Grinding meat:
    Put all ingredients in the chopper machine 


    Chopperize the meat by adding the remaining ingredients


    Keep chopperizing by adding salt and garam masala, kofta meat should tight and firm 


    Making meatballs:
    Add oil and knead the meat dough for around 5 minutes then give it to round shape, apply the same process to make meatballs, keep aside


    Cooking malai koftas:
    Heat the oil in the pan/pot then add onion paste to the pot and cook


    Add all ingredients to the onion paste 


    Stir to mix well onion spices and pour water to cook the gravy 


    Add yogurt to the onion masala then mix to combine well, cook the masala around 10 minutes, until oil traces are seen on top


    Place all meatballs to the gravy, cook the meatballs in gravy by covering the lid around 10-12 minutes


    Turn over the meatballs with the help of a spoon


    Add little water if needed then further cook koftas


    Once meatballs are fully cooked then add coriander leaves and green chilies stir to mix well


    Towards the ends add cream, give it to good stir well 


    Malai kofta is ready to simmer it for 2 minutes on low flame


    Transfer to the serving dish and serve with naanchapatis, and rice


    Meatballs in delicious rich creamy gravy in which is included cream or (malai) and yogurt, soft and mouth-watering dish....

    Ingredients for making koftas:
    1. 350g,beef/mutton/chicken/lamb mince or meat boneless
    2. 1 large-sized, onion grated and squeezed
    3. 2-3 pcs, green chilies
    4. ½ inch, ginger pcs
    5. 1 tbsp, roasted chickpeas and poppy seeds mixed
    6. 1 tbsp, yogurt squeezed
    7. 2 tbsp, cooking cream
    8. 2 tbsp, chopped coriander leaves
    9. Salt to taste
    10. 1 tsp, basic garam masala
    11. 1 ½ tbsp, olive oil
    For gravy:
    1. 1 cup, onion paste
    2. 3-4 pcs,animal fat (cherbi) optional
    3. 150ml, cooking oil
    4. 1 ½ tbsp, ginger garlic paste freshly ground
    5. 1 tsp, red chili powder
    6. 1 tsp, red chilli flakes
    7. Salt to taste
    8. 1 tbsp, coriander seed crushed
    9. 1 tsp, turmeric powder
    10. ½ cup, yogurt beaten
    11. 1/3 cup, tetra cream or fresh cream
    12. 2-3 green or red chilies, long slices
    13. 1 tbsp, chopped coriander leaves fresh/frozen 
    How to make the malai kofta?
    1. In a chopper machine combine all meatballs ingredients ginger, green chilies, coriander leaves then chop them for a minutes
    2. Then add meat, ground it for 2-3 minutes then put grated onion, squeezed yogurt along with chickpeas and poppy seed powder, salt, and garam masala
    3. Grind them together till turns to fine texture
    4. Add oil and cream in meatballs and knead it like a soft dough for 5 minutes
    5. Now take one portion and give it to a ball shape, repeat the same process to make all meatballs
    6. Heat the oil in a large-sized pot and add onion paste with some fat, stir well and cook onion paste by covering the lid on medium heat
    7. The raw smell of the onion paste should go then combine all spices ginger garlic paste, red chili powder, salt, crushed red chili powder, crushed coriander powder, turmeric powder
    8. Stir to combine well and pour ½ cup water to make the gravy and allow cooking around 10 minutes on medium flame
    9. Add yogurt and stir well on medium flame
    10. Let it cook until traces of oil are seen on top, reduce the heat to low
    11. Place all meatballs in gravy
    12. Allow cooking another 10 minutes on medium-low heat
    13. Note, don’t stir the spoon immediately until turns a firm
    14. After a while remove the cover and flip the koftas with the help of a spoon
    15. Once all meatballs are fully firm stir them with a spoon add little water if needed then let them further cook to cover the lid until soften 
    16. Then add coriander leaves green and red chilies
    17. Stir well now regulate the flame to low and add cream stir and simmer it for 2 minutes  
    18. Transfer to the serving dish and serve with naanchapatisand rice 
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