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Chicken Broast Masala Recipe


Spicy Broast Masala Powder| Homemade Chicken Broast Masala || How to Make Broast Masala at Home with step-by-step photos

Spicy Broast Masala Powder is a blend of different spices along with two types of flour and cornflour that gives a great coating and spiciness to the breast, this is my own version in the market and is available with different brand names. but this broast masala powder according to cost and quality much better than store-bought

Crispy fried chicken or broast chicken masala powder is my unique fried/broast chicken recipe that has just the right amount of spices to cater to the Pakistani taste palette. The chicken has a nice golden crispy exterior and at the same time, the batter keeps the chicken under it moist and juicy.


An easy and quick you just will require chicken and then coating with this superb powder spice coating ingredients also be stored in the refrigerator as  you can make zinger broast burger and fried chicken using the same powdered spices
So let the go-ahead know how to make an easy broast masala......  

Recipe tips:

You can apply this masala powder to many recipes 

Such as zinger broast, spicy broast chicken shots, fried fish, chicken popcorn, fried crispy chicken, and chicken fingers             


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    Take a mixing bowl and put both flour and cornflour together, add the chicken powder to it


    Then add chicken powder


    All these spices will be added to broast masala


    Put all dried masala powder into the broast masala powder, and mix to combine well


    Transfer to any container or jar, Spicy broast masala powder is ready to use in a recipe


    Spicy Broast Masala Powder is a blend of different spices along with two types of flour and cornflour that gives a great coating and spiciness to the broast.

    1. ½ cup, all-purpose flour (maida)
    2. ½ cup, of cornflour
    3. ½ cup, of rice flour
    4. ½ tsp, baking powder
    5. 1 tsp, chicken powder
    6. 1 ½ tsp, salt
    7. 1 tsp, lemon salt
    8. 1 tsp, mustard powder
    9. 2 tbsp, crushed red chili flakes
    10. 1 tbsp, black pepper 
    11. 1/3 tsp, garlic powder
    12. ½ tsp, ginger powder
    13. 1 tsp, Chinese salt optional 
    How to Make Chicken Broast Masala?
    1. Take a mixing bowl put maida and cornflour 
    2. Stir to mix well then
    3. Add rice flour, baking powder, chicken powder, salt, chili flakes, black peppercorn, mustard powder, lemon salt, Chinese salt, ginger, and garlic powder
    4. Mix them together very well till everything is incorporated 
    5. At this stage, you can adjust salt and other spices to taste
    6. Transfer to the jar or bottle or any container to store broast masala powder
    7. Always keep it in the fridge to prevent spoiling 
    8. In the winter season, you can keep it in the kitchen cabinet as well for up to 2 weeks
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