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Bihari Aloo Bhujia Recipe

Bihari aloo bhujia recipe with step by step photos and video

Bihari Aloo Bhujia | Aloo ki Bhujia | How to Make Aloo Bhujia Recipe with step by step photos and video,

Bihari Aloo Bhujia is simple and quite an easy potato bhujia which is prepared with just 4 ingredients including potatoes, it goes well with paratha, loaf bread even with simple dal chawal and  steaming rice This bhujia is a traditional recipe of Bihari Household, usually is cooked in the winter with seasoning potatoes(Naya Aloo)

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In this recipe medium slices of Potato is cut without removing skin and cooked with onion along with whole red chillies,

Bhujia is cooked with mustard oil in the Bihari household which brings a very light  delicious taste to bhujia, but if you don’t like mustard oil or not available surrounding your area then you can cook it in olive oil,So let's begin     


aloo ki bhujia recipe

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how to make bihari aloo bhujia

Rinse the potatoes thoroughly and cut into medium slices neither thick nor thin, remove the skin of the onion and cut into thin slices       


Pour mustard oil in a heavy bottom pan and let it heat very well until smoky oil then put 2-3 onion slices add to the oil and allow to burn in oil, take them out and discard onion slices let it cool down completely keep aside
Note, before using mustard oil must be cooked on a high flame to remove its sharpness

Heat the oil in the pot and fry onion slices with whole chillies until golden brown_Take them out and spread on the plate... 


Put potatoes to the pot and stir well then add salt 


Fry it with oil on a medium flame for around 5 minutes


Cover the lid and allow to cook on low flame for 10 minutes_Crumble the fried onion with red chillies


Remove the lid and stir well, potatoes are looking soft at this stage adjust the salt


Put all crumbled onion mixture into the potato 


Pour little water by using the same fried onion plate


Mix well and simmer for around 5 minutes


Remove from the flame, Bihari aloo bhujia is done..


Transfer to the serving dish, serve with steamed rice or paratha and chapatis

Bihari Aloo Bhujia

Gobi Gosht Recipe


Gobi Gosht | Gobi Aloo | How to Make Gobi Gosht Recipe with step by step photos

Gobi Gosht is made with an easy method. Gosht is an Urdu word for 'meat' or 'flesh' and in Pakistan, this would quite likely be made with Mutton or Beef, this curry is a tasty side dish prepared with cauliflower, potato chicken, and some essential spices which give it to a delicious and aromatic taste to serve as a side dish for roti or rice

I never used as a side dish to this recipe this is always been the main course of my table, but the mostly Pakistani kitchens people love to serve or have more than 2-3 dishes on their tables in which this dish is called as a side dish

Mainly I am a simple and a bit lazy person by nature, so usually, I cook only one dish for lunch or dinner along with some starters such as soup, salad, etc, This is actually depending on my mood and time, sometimes I have to drop the starter just make simple one dish with Rotis or rice :) is enough for our dinner or lunch I prepared with chicken you can use any type of meat

An easy to make this wholesome recipe with simple ingredients, adding cauliflower potato and chicken combination make a unique taste and flavor to the dish, good combination with chicken just try and enjoy as a side dish for rice and rotis, So lets the go-ahead to know how to make gobi aloo gosht 

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    Firstly properly rinse and clean the chicken under the running water, Rinse and cut the cauliflower into medium  florets, immerse in little salty water for 15 minutes 


    Prepare all rest of the veggies

    Lightly dry roast cumin seeds and crush them 

    Boil the water in the saucepan


      Take a pan and heat the oil then put all vegetables to the pan and lightly fry over low-medium heat for 5 minutes, set aside until required


      Pour oil in the pot then heat it and put onion slices, saute onion for 5 minutes over medium-high heat then put chicken pieces and fry well


      Add ginger-garlic paste, keep stirring until fresh aroma arose, add tomatoes and all dried spices powder to the chicken 


      Keep stirring by adding remaining spices and yogurt, stir well and cover the lid for 10 minutes over medium-low heat


      After 10 minutes remove the lid and stir again, now put fried vegetables, basic garam masala, and chopped ginger


      Stir to combine well with curry and then add 1/2 cup boiled and hot water, let them cook another for 10 minutes on medium-low heat, sprinkle coriander leaves, and simmer it about 10 minutes further over very low heat


      Transfer to the serving dish gobi aloo chicken is ready to serve


      This can be hot served with rotis,rice, and naan along with salad and raita

      Anda Chana Recipe

      anda chana recipe with step by step with photos

      Chana Anda Masala| Chole Masala | How to Make Chana Masala with step by step photos.....

      Chole Masala is aromatic and flavored chana and curry, literally mixed spice also known as Chorley, As one of the most popular dishes in the world, both in and out of India and Pakistan, is a dish originating from the Punjab side, Chickpeas cooked in a spicy and tangy tomato-based sauce—is the kind of dish that stirs passions in the recipe, my version might not taste like your elders like a grandmother but I promise it tastes damn good
      chana masala recipe

      The main ingredients are a variety of chickpeas called chana, along with chickpeas typically include onion, chopped tomatoes, coriander seeds, ginger garlic here is I did a variation with a different type of blend spices along with boiled eggs and mashed potato, so let's begin

      how to make chana masala recipe

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      To prepare this recipe first rinse chickpeas thoroughly then soak them in water by adding baking soda overnight or at least for 8 hours minimum 


      Then drain out all soaked chana from the water right after take a large capacity pot and put all chana to the pot with enough water quantity, Bring it to boil and remove all scums on top of the surface and cover the lid


      Cook around an hour and if you are using a pressure cooker then 25 minutes is enough to cook well, Drain all boiled chickpeas from water and reserve chana water for later use
      Note, you can use canned chickpeas as well


      Meantime start preparation to make masala for using in chana for it gather all whole spices like cumin, black peppercorn, cloves, mace, cinnamon stick, green cardamom, black cardamom, and bay leaf. Put them together on the low heated pan then slightly dry roast them for 1-2 minutes over low-medium flame


      Put all roasted spices in a grinding jar and grind well to a fine powder keep aside...


      Boil the potato in a saucepan and mash it set aside


      Boil the eggs and fry them with little oil for 2-3 minutes over low-medium flame


      Take a medium pot and heat the oil/ghee and put onion and saute them around 5 minutes, saute until translucent


      Put tomatoes and cook them with onion, Cover the lid and cook onion with tomatoes for 3-4 minutes on medium flame


      Once tomatoes are soft


      Add ginger-garlic paste, fry them with masala till aroma arose, then add all dry spices 


      Cook masala on medium-low flame, Until oil, is separated from masala


      Add chickpeas to the pot stir to mix well, 
      Then put roasted masala in chana


      Pour chana water that we had reserved for using later, give a good stir to combine well, and mash little with a wooden spoon


      Now add boiled and mashed potato to the chana masala


      Stir to mix well, bring it to boil then add chicken powder


      Cook it further around 5 minutes, Toward the end add baking powder and boiled eggs, stir well then cover the lid, allow to simmer around 5 minutes further 


      Chana anda masala is ready,serve hot


      Transfer to the serving dish and garnish with coriander leaves and green chilies as well as you can vary with garnishing oil as desired


      Chana Anda Masala can be served with tandoori, naan, and chapatis

      chole masala