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Hot Red Chilli Sauce Recipe


Hot Red Chilli Sauce |Chilli sauce || How to Make Hot Chilli Sauce with step-by-step photos

Hot Red Chilli Sauce is a simple and easy recipe for making Chinese-style homemade hot chilli sauce. this spicy sauce gives a great flavour to your dishes. My homemade hot chilli sauce is made with a few ingredients I am using here red jalapeno chilli that is available at any superstore easily, for making any hot sauce required only peppers, salt, sugar and vinegar

But if you don’t like much spice then you can use here  Kashmiri red chilli too instead of red jalapeno chilli because jalapeno red chilli is a bit hotter than other kinds of red chillies but I want to make my own hot red chilli sauce that is why 


I am using such spicy chilli. Additionally, if jalapeno red chilli is not available surrounding your area you don’t bother at all you can use Kashmiri red chilli that is available easily at any general store/shop in Pakistan, so let's begin 

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red chilli sauce

Firstly soak the red chilli in the hot water, if you are using Kashmiri or any kind of red chilli


Extract all seeds from jalapeno chillies or if you are using any other dry chillies so no need to extract seeds from Kashmiri it has less spicy, cut into pieces

Put all red chillies with little water in the grinding jug, blend it well until a smooth paste

    Take a pan then add chilli paste, let it cook for 2 minutes over low-medium flame until water dries up, then add white vinegar, salt, sugar and oil, mix them well, keep stirring occasionally on low flame and let it cook for 8-10 minutes
    Remove from the heat, it's up to you how much you want to keep the thick or thin the sauce 

      Let it cool down completely 

      Transfer to any glass jar or bottle, hot red chilli sauce is ready to serve with samosa,kabab,pakoda etc

      Tomato Puree Recipe


      Tomato purée | Tomato paste || How to Make Tomato Puree with step-by-step photos and video....

      Tomato Puree is a cooking essential you might be missing. Simpler and a bit thicker than its flavorful cousin, tomato sauce, tomato purée is a fast way to quickly prepare and freeze a bushel of fresh tomatoes for future cooking. Tomato purée can be turned into tomato sauce or tomato soup. It can be used to cook different meals, all you need is a knife, a blender, and a little bit of time to stock your freezer with tomato purée to use year-round. 
      It is quick and easy to make at home, it can make easier your life and save your time too, Tomato puree is one of the most important ingredients in everyday cookingIt is one of the very basic cooking ingredients, and making it at home from farm fresh tomatoes 

      My Latest video Tomato Puree

      It is as easy as counting 1,2,3… Don’t believe us? keep reading…In essence, it’s just a 3 step process – Blanch, Peel, and Crush. Blanching is the process of first partially cooking vegetables like tomatoes, onion, spinach, flower, etc. in hot boiling water for a few minutes and then immediately transferring them to cold water. 

      This hot to cold water transfer process makes skin peeling easier and it preserves the color, taste, and nutrition of vegetables. This homemade tomato puree recipe also has step-by-step photos to make the tomato blanching process easy to understand and follow.


      You can use fresh tomato purée right away, or you can freeze it for long-term storage. Feel free to use your favorite freezer-friendly storage method, but I prefer zip-top freezer bags, as they freeze flat (taking up less space) and thaw quickly. Freeze the purée in eight- or 15-ounce increments — that’s the amount required for most recipes. Label the bags and store them in the freezer for up to six months.

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      Wash tomatoes and rinse off dirt if any, pour water into the saucepan


      Bring water to boil then put tomatoes, let them boil approx 10-12 minutes, Once the tomato skins are split then your tomatoes are done, remove from the flame


        Put into the cold water


          Now just remove the skin


          Then cut the boiled tomatoes into the small pieces


          Puree them in a mixer or with a hand blender to a smooth paste, don’t add water

          Pass them through the strainer and transfer this puree again to the pan


            Add sugar and salt mix them well, then add vinegar, allow it to boil until a thick consistency is reached, towards the end add red food color to bring bright red color, it is optional 


              Let it completely cool down

              Then store it in an airtight container or ziplock bag


                Kulfa Ice-cream Recipe


                Kulfa ice cream || Homemade ice cream Recipe || How to make kulfa ice cream at home with step-by-step photos

                Kulfa ice cream is the most popular and delicious frozen ice cream flavor it is with filled nuts that are fond of eaten by all age groups people, especially during the summer weather I also love to eat it due to its creamy and nutty taste

                Since I came to this cooking field I always used to think about making kulfi and ice cream at home probably is an art and can make only these items just chefs but my perception was wrong as time goes on I learned nothing is difficult to make at home like a market or restaurant just should be the courage to face challenges and achieve a goal                             


                After trying a few different flavors at home I decided to make now kulfa ice-cream are buttery in texture with a nutty flavor
                A combination of pistachio with almonds, and cardamom along with homemade khoya flavor is superb especially when the mixture is folded with whipped cream

                This delightful Desserts recipe of Kulfa Ice Cream can be ready in approximately an hour and frozen in around 8-10 hours

                Recipe notes:

                You will need a handful of simple, yet fragrant, ingredients to make kulfa ice cream, The sweetened condensed milk, heavy whipping cream, and chopped nuts are easily available at supermarkets
                1. Green cardamom: is an aromatic spice with a wide range of uses adding in kulfa ice-cream mixture makes it flavorful
                2. But it is optional you can skip it
                3. Condensed milk: using condensed milk in making ice cream give it a thick and soft texture and is used as a substitute for sugar-I have already shared my condensed milk recipe on the blog, either you can get the recipe on my blog or can buy it from the market, but you can add powdered sugar as well instead of condensed milk, using grainy sugar will increase the iciness 
                4. Heavy whipping cream: choose the good quality heavy cream and before the whipping cream should be chilled and frozen
                5. Homemade ice cream is fresh, delicious, and fun to make. What's more, you can customize your flavors or use the best-quality ingredients you can find. But it can be tricky to get ice cream to have that perfect firm, yet creamy consistency that is the trademark of good ice cream. Follow these tips to improve your own ice cream-making technique

                1. Freeze the freezing container for a good 24 hours. It needs to be frozen solid!
                2. Use more cream and less milk. 
                3. Use a solid sweetener. Whereas a liquid sweetener such as sugar syrup or honey will increase iciness with its water content
                4. Fill your ice cream maker 1/2 to 2/3 full. This is important. The frozen tub in which the filling gets churned has only so much freeze to give before it is no longer cold. If there's too much filling, there's not enough chilling And you don't want soupy ice cream!
                5. Keep It Creamy
                6. A common complaint about homemade ice cream is that it gets hard and icy when it's stored in the freezer. There are several ways to keep your ice cream from freezing solid in the freezer. Condensed milk or honey, as well as gelatin and commercial stabilizers, can all keep your ice cream at a softer consistency. Ice cream also stays softer when you store it in a shallow container, rather than a deep tub, and cover the surface of the ice cream with plastic wrap to keep ice crystals from forming.
                7. With a little practice and some good recipes (whether it's classic Vanilla or an adventurous flavor like chocolate ice cream, you'll be well on your way to making delicious homemade ice cream that will delight your friends and family.

                For the best result follow my detailed step-by-step photo instructions and tips

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                Chop the almonds and pistachio 

                Boil the milk in the pan. Once it started boiling add cardamom powder, Stir to mix once, and then add condensed milk

                Next, add khoya to the milk, Constantly keep mixing on medium flame until khoya is dissolved with the milk_Make sure no lumps present in the milk

                Next, add nuts to the mixture, Keep on stirring until the mixture turns thickened

                The mixture is ready, turn off the flame

                Leave it aside for completely cool   

                Once they get cool whisk it again 

                Take out the cream bowl from the freezer and start whipping using an electric beater 

                Whip the cream till it forms a soft peak

                Combine the cream with a spatula 

                Pour the all mixture into the whipped cream 

                And mix to combine very well using a spatula (not a whisk) gently fold them together

                Till you reach a silky-smooth consistency 


                Pour the ice-cream mixture into the air-tight container. Sprinkle some crushed nuts over the mixture
                Seal it tightly using an airtight lid or a few layers of plastic wrap and stick it in the freezer_Chill for at least 8-10 hours for the ice cream to set properly

                Once the ice cream gets set take it out from the freezer.Wet the scoop with the room temperature water, And scoop out the ice-cream into the serving ice-cream glass or bowl

                Serve immediately


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