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Masoor Dal Kadhi Recipe


Masoor Dal Kadhi | Pakoda Kadhi is a popular Pakistani dish and quite difference from the curry
It is a dish originating from the Indian contains on a thick gravy based on usually chickpeas flour (gram) and contains pakoras, to which yogurt is added to give it a little sour taste, it is often eaten with boiled rice and rotinaan
It is seasoned with sauteed cumin, whole red chilies, and curry leaves after preparing kadhi pakoda
Mainly  kadhi dish is made from gram flour along with sour yogurt to make thicken the consistency and adding pakora/phulki and it is eaten either long grain basmati rice or more commonly with a roti unlike the rest of states Pakistan and India is prepared with different variations on this basic dish include the addition of certain vegetables and meatballs, but as I told you in my last post that I will make kadhi from masoor dal  masoor phulki recipe by adding masoor dal fritters of which recipe already have shared this is a bit the difference from typically kadhi recipe, Try this one of the unique recipes Masoor Dal Kadhi Recipe.

This Pakora Kadhi Recipe is Finger licking for Desi Food lovers. ...
so let's the go-ahead to know how to make masoor dal kadhi with step by step photos.

  1. Don’t leave kadhi unattended even for a minute before boiling to prevent the stick from base
  2. After boiling, kadhi can leftover low-medium until properly cooked
  3. Masoor kadhi won’t be thick consistency like besan kadhi a bit thinner than that
  4. You can add meatballs or any vegetables instead pakoda
  5. Give it to a long time to slow cooking the more will cook that much make delicious and tasty
  6. Cook kadhi a day ago before serving
  7. Stale kadhi becomes so tasteful than a fresh one                  

We need:


Blending yogurt with dal:
Take a mixing bowl add yogurt and masoor dal and mix them together, pour yogurt mixture into the grinding jug 


And blend well 


Making masoor dal kadhi:
Put all dry spices powder to the yogurt mixture and further mix them well keep aside
Heat the oil and add whole spices to the oil

heat-the-oil-and-add-spice-to crackle

And let them crackle for a few seconds then pour yogurt mixture, stir to combine well


Bring the kadhi to boil over high heat then reduce the flame to low-medium flame 
cover it and cook it at least 1-2 hours
Keep stirring occasionally


Right after checking the consistency of kadhi and adjust salt and then put all masoor dal fritters to the cooked kadi
Mix and turn off the flame
In a frying pan pour oil and put all tempering whole spices and let them crackle for a minute and put to the kadhi and cover the lid


    Masoor dal kadhi is ready to serve


    And then transfer to the serving bowl/dish


    Serve with boiled rice,bagara rice,naan,rotis, and salad

    Pakoda Kadhi is a popular pakistani dish and quite difference from the curry, It is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent.

    1. 250g,sour yogurt
    2. 2 ½ tbsp,masoor dal (lentil)
    3. Salt to taste
    4. 1 tsp,red chilli powder
    5. ½ tsp,turmeric powder
    6. ½ tbsp,coriander powder
    7. 50ml,oil
    8. 1/7 tsp,dried fenugreek seeds
    9. ¼ tsp,cumin seeds
    10. 1/7 tsp,mustard seeds
    11. 2,wholed red chilli
    12. 18-20,masoor dal phulki/pakore
    For tempering:
    1. 1 tsp,cumin seeds
    2. 4-5,curry leaves
    3. 3-4,whole red chillies
    How to make the masoor dal kadhi?
    1. In the mixing bowl add yogurt and masoor dal together stir to mix them
    2. Put them to the grinding jug and blend well until well combined
    3. Combine all red chilli powder,coriander powder,turmeric powder,and salt to the yogurt mixture
    4. Stir to mix well
    5. Heat the oil in the pot then put tempering whole spices like cumin seeds,fenugreek seeds,whole red chilli and mustard seeds
    6. Let them crackle for seconds
    7. Pour all yogurt mixture to the pot
    8. Keep stirring until bring to the boil
    9. Cover the lid and cook it over low-medium for at least 1-2 hours
    10. Keep stirring occasionally
    11. Meanwhile prepare pakora which i have given fritters recipe already
    12. After 2 hours check the consistency of kadhi and adjust salt at this stage
    13. Add masoor dal fritters to the kadhi mix well and turn off the flame
    14. In a frying pan pour oil and heat it
    15. Put cumin seeds,whole red chilli and curry leaves together
    16. Let them crackle for a minute
    17. And add to the kadhi pakora curry and cover the lid immediately
    18. After 10 minutes transfer to the serving bowl/dish
    19. Masoor dal kadhi is ready to serve
    20. Serve with boiled rice,bagara rice,naan,rotis and salad
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