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Macaroni cutlets Recipe


Macaroni Cutlets | Macaroni Kababs are very delicious and flavorful, aromatic and relish recipe, this is even side dish of pulao, most of us eat Macaroni in a regular way like with chicken, mince or in any salad recipes, as well as plain macaroni with other spices, etc, this is regarded as one of the most popular recipes of Pakistani cuisine. No dining table is complete without presenting a delicious and aromatic Macaroni Cutlets recipe.

Here is a new name recipe macaroni kabab or cutlets, it is a combination of boiled macaroni, shredded chicken, mashed potatoes, coriander leaves, and green chilies along with some seasoning, this is unique and amazing in taste, Due to mild spicy can be given to the kids' tiffin boxes as 
It can be served with puri paratha, bread loafburgers buns and Parathas along with tamarind sauce and ketchup

By following the Macaroni Cutlets recipe as it is listed will get your perfect taste...
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Recipe Tips:
  1. Always take out frozen cutlets 15 minutes before frying
  2. Boil the potatoes with the skin for just around 15 minutes
  3. Boil macaroni around 7-8 minutes 
  4. You can variations in macaroni cutlets by adding your desirable veggies 

We need:

    Preparation of macaroni cutlets:
    To prepare this recipe, first of all, we will boil the chicken that first rinses the chicken pieces under the running water


    Take any medium-sized pot pour water and put the chicken in it, then add ginger garlic paste, soya sauce, crushed black and white pepper


    White vinegar, salt, and red chili flakes stir to mix them then bring it to boil on high flame_Turning the heat to medium then let it cook till chicken is tender and water dries out,
    Let it cool down completely then separate from bones and shred them keep aside


    Boiling macaroni:
    Take another pot pour 1-liter water along with salt and 1 tbsp oil, bring it to boil then add macaroni cook it around 7-8 minutes on high flame then drain them out from water through a colander, pass them through cold water now keep aside


    Boiling potatoes:

    Take another pot pour water and put potatoes
    Bring it to boil on high flame first then reduce the heat to medium

    Allow to boil potatoes around 15 minutes then drain them out from the water, let it cool down a bit then remove the skin of potatoes, now grate or mash them set aside, finely chop the coriander and green chilies 
    Crush the black peppercorn coarsely


    Soak bread slices:
    In a plat pour 1 glass water and soak the bread slice in it for a minute then squeeze it very well place it on the plate keep aside..


    Potatoes mixing:
    Put potatoes, chicken, and macaroni along with lemon juice in a mixing bowl, then add spices coriander leaves, and green chilies 

    put-mashed-potatoes,chicken-and-macaroni-to the-mixing-bowl

    Add garam masala and soaked bread slices


    Mix them well until everything is incorporated


    Keep mixing potato mixture for 10 minutes at this stage you can adjust the salt or spices, cover the dough and let it rest for a while


    Making cutlets:
    Divide the equal balls of the dough, give it to the square shape


    Repeat the same process with all remaining balls then place all cutlets on the tray


    Coat it with bread crumbs very well


    Repeat the same process with all remaining cutlets 


    Place all cutlets on the tray


    Frying cutlets:
    Heat the ghee/oil in the frying pan/skillet then shallow fry cutlets on medium-low heat


    Flip the cutlets and fry them from both sides until you get a golden crispy crust


    Now is looking very tempting and mouth-watering cutlets, shift to the kitchen towel for removing excess oil


    Transfer to the serving plate


    Serve hot cutlets with puri paratha and sauceketchup

    Cutlets | Macaroni Kabab is a very delicious and flavorful, aromatic and relish recipe, this is even a side dish of pulao

    Ingredients for cutlets:
    1. 150g, macaroni boiled
    2. 1 ½ cup, chicken boiled
    3. 200g, potatoes boiled and mashed
      1. 1 tbsp, Kashmiri red chilies
      2. 1 tsp, mustard powder/paste
      3. 1 tbsp, crushed black peppercorn
      4. 1 tbsp, chaat masala
      5. 1/3 tsp,garam masala
      6. Salt to taste
      7. 1 tsp, ginger powder
      8. 1 tbsp, fresh lemon juice
      9. 2 tbsp, chopped coriander leaves
      10. 1 tbsp, chopped green chilies
      11. 2 pieces, bread slices soaked
        For frying:
        1. Breadcrumbsas required
        2. Oil/ghee as required
        3. Frying pan/skillet
          Ingredients for boiled chicken:
          1. 250g, chicken with bones
          2. 1 ½ tsp, ginger garlic paste
          3. 1 tbsp, soya sauce
          4. ½ tsp, crushed black peppercorn crushed
          5. ½ tsp, white peppercorn crushed
          6. 1 tbsp, white vinegar
          7. ½ tsp, salt
          8. 1 tsp, red chili flakes
          9. 100ml, water
          How to make macaroni cutlets?
          1. In a large-sized mixing bowl combine mashed or grated boiled potato then put shredded chicken, lemon juice, boiled macaroni, chopped coriander leaves, and green chilies along with Kashmiri red chilies, ginger powder, salt, crushed black pepper, mustard powder, chaat masala, and garam masala
          2. Start to now mixing well until everything is incorporated
          3. Keep mixing for 10 minutes so that it made juicy and soft
          4. At this stage, you can adjust the salt or spices
          5. Cover with a plate or cling wrap and allow to rest it for about 15 minutes
          6. Divide into the equal portion of the cutlet dough
          7. Gives it to square shape or as desired shapes like oval or round
          8. Repeat the same process with all remaining balls
          9. Place all cutlets on the tray
          10. Now coat each cutlet with breadcrumbs and place them on the tray
          11. At this stage, you can store all cutlets in an airtight food storage container
          12. Heat the oil/ghee in the frying pan then shallow fry 3-4 cutlets in one batch
          13. Fry each side 2-3 minutes over a medium-low flame then flip them carefully
          14. Fry them and gives it to the  same time then flip them a couple of times until crispy crust from both sides
          15. Transfer to the serving plate     
          16. And serve it hot with puri paratha, parathasburger bun, and bread loaf  along with ketchup and sauce
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