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Mutton Cheese Burgers Recipe


Mutton Cheese Burger | Mutton burger || How to make Mutton cheeseburger with step by step photos

Mutton Cheese Burger is a delicious fast food snack recipe that can be relished by people of all age group, this burger recipe would be a real treat for your taste buds it is also to make it quite easy, this is colorful, aromatic, and tasty recipes are the ultimate treat for a foodie. 
Mutton burger recipes are by far not as commonly found as beef burger recipes, but once you’ve tasted a succulent burger, you will find it extremely difficult to convert back to beef. A mutton burger recipe that will make your tastebuds jump with joy, lease don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with beef, maybe it is just because 

I am so used to beef burgers that the idea of a mutton burger sounds almost intriguing to me, for me the perfect mutton burger recipe must have the following elements: The burger must have a loose coarse texture, it must be thick and juicy. The flavors I want in a mutton burger are fresh coriander, onion, ginger and garlic paste, salt, pepper, chili flakes, and lemon juice. To make all these flavors and elements come together took a bit of experimenting, but I can say that I have finally found the balance. The result is everything I had hoped it would be and more. give it a try, maybe you will also convert to Lamb burger recipes in the future.

For the mutton, you can use the leg or shoulder meat. Shoulder meat is most probably best
That can be given you a real taste of Market Burger along with cheap cost than the market, This recipe would be loved by most if you chose to treat your friends to it. It's also perfect for those who are tired of making the same old burgers and want to try out something new to break the monotony. So, put this on the list of items you want to try out next! We have listed the steps involved in the process to help you through it!
I always level try my best 
That I used basic ingredients in cooking those are easily available at everyone’s kitchen, don’t need to go for purchasing any specific spices or sauces, so lets the go-ahead to know how to make an easy-to-make mutton cheeseburger 
Recipe tips:
  1. To prepare this recipe you can make a burger patty of any kind of meat but if you are using chicken then you will have to add 1 tbsp butter for bringing softness in patty
  2. The rest of the meat you don’t need to put butter is enough animal fat in the mince
  3. You can use any store-bought ingredients where I mentioned following homemade ingredients

We need:


Firstly to prepare mutton cheeseburger finely ground mince twice or thrice times through mincer machine, if you don’t have own machine you can make it do at butcher’s shop


Peel and finely chop the onions, finely chop coriander leaves and green chilies


Separate the egg yolks from white albumen, crushed the black peppercorn 


Take out mayonnaise to the small bowl and pour hot chili sauce and stir to mix well keep aside, grate the cabbage and mix it with mayonnaise very well keep aside


Fry the crispy french fries set aside


Freshly squeeze the lemon juice set it aside


Put ground meat/mince in the mixing bowl and add ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, and mix them well together


Combine all dry spices and keep mixing by putting chopped onions and green chilies 


Then add egg yolks and cornflour to the mince, lastly, add chopped coriander leaves then start kneading to as a soft dough until dough is formed


Keep kneading around 10-15 minutes till everything is incorporated keep in the refrigerator for marinations


Now make equal balls of the mince dough and shape into a medium burger patty, place all patties on a plate or tray


Heat the oil in the pan and shallow fry patties on medium-low heat, fry burger patties from both sides till turns to nice golden brown color 


Heat the skillet and toast the burger buns from both sides, spread mayo sauce on burger slices


Spread mayo sauce over each burger slices


Put lettuce on each burger slice, then place the burger patty on top of the lettuce


Put the cheese slices on each patty, place another bun slice on top 


Transfer all burgers to the skillet and lightly toast them over low heat now burgers are done, transfer to the serving plate


Mutton cheeseburger is served with french fries long with cabbage mayonnaise mixed, tomato ketchup, and garlic mayo sauce


Mutton Cheese Burger | Mutton burger  is a delicious fast food snack recipe which can be relished by people of all age group

Ingredients for mutton patties:
  1. 400g,minced mutton/beef/lamb
  2. 50g, animal fat                                                    
  3. 1 tbsp, red chili flakes                                     
  4. Salt to taste                                                                
  5. 2 tbsp, lemon juice
  6. 2 tbsp, coriander leaves fresh/frozen
  7. 3-4, green chilies
  8. 1 tbsp, ginger garlic paste
  9. 1 tsp, mustard powder
  10. 1 large, onion
  11. ¼ cup, cornflour
  12. 1 tsp, crushed black peppercorn
  13. 2, egg  yolks
  14. 100ml, olive oil/canola for frying patty  
Ingredients for assembling burger:
  1. 1 bunch, lettuce
  2.  4-6, cheese slices Mozilla/chattered
  3. 2 tbsp, mayonnaise
  4. 1 tbsp, hot chili sauce
  5. 4 pieces, homemade burger buns, or as needed 
    Ingredients for serving with burgers:
    1. 1 cup, grated cabbage
    2. 100g, mayonnaise
    3. French fries as required
    4. Homemade tomato ketchup as required
    5. Garlic mayo sauce as required
    How to make a burger? 
    1. Take a mixing separate bowl, put finely ground mince then add ginger garlic paste and lemon juice then mix well
    2. Keep mixing by adding crushed red chili, crushed black pepper
    3. Chopped onions and green chilies
    4. Next, putting egg yolks and cornflour
    5. Start kneading it for 10-12 till everything is incorporated and become a soft dough
    6. Keep in the refrigerator for marination for about 2 hours
    7. After 2 hours make equal balls of the dough and shape them into a patty
    8. Place on the plate set aside
    9. In the pan/tawa heat the oil and shallow fry mutton patties on medium flame
    10. Fry each side of burger patty for about 4 minutes
    11. Give it to nice golden brown color from both sides
    12. Transfer to the plate keep aside
    13. On the skillet/tawa toast the burger buns from both sides over a low flame
    14. Place the burger buns slices on the working surface or tray
    15. Spread mayonnaise mixture over bun slices
    16. Then place patty along with cheese slice on each bun slices 
    17. Lastly, place 2nd slice of the bun on top 
    18. Transfer all burgers on  medium-hot skillet toast the burgers further over low flame for about a minute each side 
    19. Mutton cheeseburger is ready to serve
    20. Mutton cheeseburger is served with french fries long with cabbage mayonnaise mixed, tomato ketchup, and garlic mayo sauce
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