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Mince Potato Cutlets Recipe


Mince Potato Cutlets | potato cutlets are one dish that never fails to impress by its crispy inviting looks, in these mutton or beef mince and potato cutlets
Mince and potato cutlets make a delicious change for typical potato or vegetable cutlets with mince as well as you can add a piece of cheese to the cutlets with mince as desired
Here I didn’t add cheese but you can I used homemade breadcrumbs whose link given below ingredients list
I used beef mince but you can use chicken, lamb or mutton mince


Note, one of the most important things that I would like to mention here that in my all recipes in which I used my hand to make such as kebab, cutlets, burgers I have already washed my hand with Dettol gel before cooking the reason I didn’t use gloves ever I need to clear for all those my readers those don’t feel good to use hand without gloves
So let's start to go ahead to know how to make crispy cutlets with step by step photos.

    Preparation of stuffed Mince Potato cutlets:
    Firstly wash thoroughly and then put the potatoes in the deep pot and cover with enough water add a tsp salt to the water
    Set up on medium heat and boil until you can easily pierce the potatoes with a fork
    Remove and cool once, remove the potatoes skins and grate/mash thoroughly in a deep mixing bowl


    Soak the slice in a little water for a minute then squeeze well


    Beat the egg set aside


    Wash the mince under the running water
    Chop coriander, mint leaves along with green chilies
    Freshly ground ginger garlic paste, squeeze the lemon juice, grate the ginger 


    Spread bread crumbs on plate/tray keep aside


    Cook mince:
    Heat the oil in a pan and add ginger garlic paste then saute it for a minute, then put keema in a pan and mix it well 


    Cook keema until water dries up


    Now to start adding spices and splash some water to the keema, stir to mix well then add green spices along with grated ginger


    Lastly, add basic garam masala and lemon juice stir to mix well and remove from flame


    Mix spices in mashed potatoes 
    Combine all spices along with chopped green spices to the mashed potatoes


    Lastly add soaked and squeezed bread slice to the potato mixture, mix well with your fingers to the potato mixture keep aside


    Stuff keema in potato patty:
    Take a handful potato mixture and shape into a patty/cutlet and place keema mixture in center of it, cover from all sides and shape into a cutlet


    Dip in egg mixture then, coat with breadcrumbs very well place on the tray


    Repeat the same process with all remaining cutlets mixtures


    Fry Cutlets/patties
    Heat the oil in frying pan and shallow fry cutlets


    Fry 2 minutes each side of cutlet until crispy crust, transfer to the serving plate


    Stuffed mince potato cutlets are ready to serve


    You can serve them with freshly made parathasauce, and sliced onions and tomato ketchup


    Mince potato cutlet is one dish that never fails to impress by its crispy inviting looks, in these mutton or beef mince and potato cutlets

    Ingredients for Mince:
    1. 200g,mince beef/mutton/lamb
    2. 1 tsp, ginger garlic paste
    3. ½ tsp, red chili flakes
    4. ½ tsp, crushed black peppercorn
    5. 1 tbsp, olive oil
    6. Salt to taste
    7. ½ tbsp, coriander leaves fresh/frozen
    8. ½ tsp, mint leaves fresh/dried
    9. 3, green chilies
    10. 1 tbsp, lemon juice
    11. 1 tsp, grated ginger
    12. ½ tsp, basic garam masala
    Ingredients for Potatoes:
    1. 300g, potatoes
    2. ½ tsp, red chili powder
    3. 1 large, bread slice
    4. Salt to taste
    5. ½ tsp, crushed black peppercorn powder
    6. 1 tsp, mustard powder
    7. 1 tbsp, fresh coriander leaves
    8. 2, green chilies
    9. As required, oil/ghee for frying
    10. As required, homemade bread crumbs
    11. 2 large-sized, eggs beaten
    How to make the mince potato cutlets?
    1. In a pan heat the oil and put ginger garlic paste
    2. Sauté it for a minute then add mince, cook it until water dries
    3. Now combine all spices to the mince red chili flakes, black pepper, salt, and garam masala
    4. Add 1 tbsp water then mix well on low medium flame
    5. And then put all chopped green spices mint coriander leaves and green chilies along with grated ginger
    6. Stir well then add lemon juice remove from the flame
    7. Keep aside
    8. Note: in the keema mixture shouldn’t remain any signal drops of water or any moist otherwise your cutlets may shred during shallow frying 
    9. Make sure first your keema has completely dried
    10. Now add red chili powder, crushed black pepper, salt and mustard powder along with chopped coriander and green chili in mashed/grated potatoes
    11. Lastly, put soaked bread slice and mix them well with your fingers
    12. Keep aside
    13. Grease your hand and divide up the mashed potato mixture to form cutlets/patties of approx 3” diameter by 1 cm thickness
    14. Put 1 tbsp keema mixture in center of potato patty
    15. Gather all edges of the patty and cover from all sides and foam into a patty/cutlets
    16. Dip into beaten egg, and roll in breadcrumbs
    17. Repeat the same process with all remaining potato and mince
    18. Place all cutlets on the tray
    19. Note: at this stage, you can freeze the cutlets when you need you to take them out from refrigerator around 15 minutes before frying
    20. Now heat the oil/ghee in a shallow pan until very hot and fry cutlets in batches of 2-3 at one time
    21. Fry the cutlets about for about 2 minutes on each side on medium flame to obtain a light brown crust
    22. Remove cutlets to a kitchen towel to absorb any excess oil
    23. Now stuffed mince potato cutlets are ready to serve
    24. You can serve them with freshly made parathasauce, and sliced onions and tomato ketchup 
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