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Afghani Dry Chicken Recipe


Afghani dry Chicken, is a dish mainly from Northern Areas in Pakistan combines elements and ingredients of both the ruler and urban styles of cooking, though is a dry dish with very little gravy, this taste is very nice and delicious, can be served as hot chapati and naan besides raita and onion salad
Curry is synonymous with Pakistani Foods, there are some delicious examples of it in this varied, exotic cuisine dry Chicken Curry is one I have created in my kitchen it's simple to cook and taste great 

I always been curious about other culture and traditional cuisine, this recipe one of them though I did some variations according to our taste, usually, KPK and Afghan cuisine style are much similar, both are use fewer spices in their meals, this is the reason mostly afghani foods are seen in kpk as well, this will be more wholesome recipe if you prepare with desi chicken along with pure ghee, as well as this recipe can be cooked with mutton, beef and lamb
so lets the go-ahead know How to make dry Chicken Curry..
  1. To prepare this dish you can use any type of meat other than chicken
  2. You just will have to add papaya paste or tenderized powder to apply over meat and marinate overnight
  3. Note, I cooked with ghee you can prepare with olive oil or any vegetable oil but the real taste comes only to cook with ghee or pure ghee...                    

We Need:


    Preparation of dry chicken curry:
    To cook dry chicken curry, first, rinse and chop chicken into medium-sized pieces, chop ginger into thin slices


    Finely ground ginger garlic paste, peel and cut the tomatoes into small cubes


    Squeeze the lemon juice, slightly dry roast and crush the black peppercorn and cumin seeds together.


    Making dry Chicken:
    Put chicken pieces into the pot along with add ginger garlic paste, then add salt, mix them well 


    Cover the lid and allow to cook around 10 minutes over medium flame, after 10 minutes add tomatoes 


    Cook tomatoes till they are soft, now add all powder spices to the chicken


    Stir to combine and then add ghee/oil, finely add remaining spices ginger slices, green chillies, basic garam masala and lemon juice then mix well and simmer it for 10 minutes over low heat


    Dry chicken curry is done to serve


    Dry chicken curry is served with naan, tandoori and rotis as well as raita and salad 

    Tasty dry chicken is ready 

    Afghani dry Chicken is a dish mainly from Northern Areas in Pakistan that combines elements and ingredients of both the ruler and urban styles of cooking
    1. 500g, chicken with bones
    2. 1 tsp, black peppercorn
    3. 1 tsp, cumin
    4. 2 tsp, ginger garlic paste
    5. 1 cup, ghee/oil
    6. Salt to taste
    7. 7-9, thin green chillies
    8. 3, tomato
    9. 1 tbsp, ginger
    10. 1 tsp, red chilli powder
    11. 1/3 tsp, turmeric powder
    12. ½ tsp,homemade basic garam masala
    13. 1 tbsp, lemon juice
    How to make the afghani dry chicken?
    1. In the pot put chicken pieces, ginger garlic paste and salt
    2. Stir well for a minute
    3. Cover the lid and cook it on low-medium heat for 10 minutes
    4. After 10 minutes you will see chicken has released its water
    5. Then add tomatoes and stir well
    6. Again cover the lid and cook it till tomatoes are soft
    7. Now combine all powder spices red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt, cumin and crushed black pepper
    8. Stir to combine for 2 minutes
    9. Right after adding ghee to the chicken then further mix them well for a minute
    10. Finely add green chillies, ginger slices, lemon juice and basic garam masala
    11. Stir well and simmer it for 10 minutes over low heat
    12. Now afghani dry chicken is done
    13. Note: water won’t be added in this dish chicken will be tender with tomato water 
    14. Dry chicken curry is served with naan, tandoori and rotis as well as raita and salad 
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