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Instant Pakora Mix Powder Recipe


Instant pakora mix  powder | pakora powder can make your life easy,during Ramadan have to do a lot of work besides preparation of iftar and you can't manage in your limited time close to iftar time almost in every household is preferred to make pakora at iftar table so if you keep it half done will be easy for you                                    

You can store pakora mix in the container or Ziploc bag when you need just take it out and can be added any veggies, chicken, or boiled egg  mix water and then fry very quick and easy it would help to save your time. you store it in the container or Ziploc bag  for more than months or even year 
don't keep it outside otherwise can be bugs in the pakora mix masala so let's begin with step by step photos.....

We Need:


    Making Pakora Masala Powder:
    Firstly in a large bowl mix, all flours with spices


    Mix them together, now instant pakora mix is ready 

      You can store it any container or Ziploc bag to keep in the refrigerator for up to 1 month_Just take it out and add veggies or anything what you want then fry 
      Note if you want to make it more, double your quantity each

      How to make a recipe?

      Instant pakora mix powder is prepared with 4 types of flour and some essential seasoning, the best homemade powder than store-bought, try once..... 

      1. 3 cups, gram flour, besan
      2. 6 tbsp, plain flour
      3. 6 tbsp, cornflour
      4. 6 tbsp, rice flour
      5. 3 pinch, yellow food color 
      6. 3 tsp, salt
      7. 3 tsp, cumin seed crushed
      8. 3 tsp, coriander seed crushed
      9. ½ tsp, carom Ajwain
      10. 1 ½ tsp, red chili flakes
      11. 3 tsp, red chili powder
      12. ½ tsp, baking powder
      13. ½ tsp, turmeric powder
      14. 1 tbsp, pomegranate seeds crushed  
      1. Firstly in a large bowl put gram flour, plain flour, cornflour, rice flour, salt, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, food color
      2. Turmeric, red chili powder, baking powder, red chili flakes, pomegranate seeds, and carom seeds
      3. Mix them together 
      4. Now instant pakora mix is ready ..
      5. You can store it any container or Ziploc bag to keep in the refrigerator for up to 1 month or year
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