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Chana Chohle Chaat Recipe

Chana chaat is the Desi version of a salad. The base is chickpeas or chana with onions, tomatoes, green chilies, and coriander as the supporting characters finished off with chaat masala for that necessary spice and khataaz it is known as a traditional spicy street food snack, is made of a lot of ingredients to make it tasteful. One bowl chohle chat is enough for the 1-time meal can be placed instead of lunch/dinner, can say a complete food good choice for dieting purpose 

It is contained on low calories and less fat they are a purely healthy meal in which are added yogurt, green chutney, tomato, potato, coriander leaves, green chilies, and tamarind  sweet and sour sauce along with boiled chickpeas, potatoes, and papri which works for enhancing the taste of Chola chat
you will get below the link of  papdi and green chutney raita and tamarind sweet sauce recipes 

We Need:


Making Chana Chaat:
Firstly in a pressure cooker add chickpeas, baking soda, salt, and water
Bring to boil and then close the pressure cooker after whistling note the time for 20 to 30 mins

Meanwhile, prepare all veggies 

In a saucepan boil potatoes and peel then cut into cube shape keep aside

Green raita chutney is so simple to make if you have mint coriander leaves sauce is present in your fridge then just add yogurt with a little salt and green sauce mix them well and green raita chutney is ready
Note don’t use water in green raita chutney, you can get the link of green raita to given below recipe card

Take another small separate bowl add yogurt and salt whisk well until smooth texture keep in the fridge

    For Assemble:
    In a mixing bowl add boiled chickpeas along with all ingredients, mix them together

    Then put all remaining spices to the chana chaat, mix them well then at the end add paper and sprinkle some spices
    chana chaat is ready

    Now ready to eat and serve

    Chana chaat is the Desi version of a salad. The base is chickpeas or chana with onions, tomatoes, green chilies and coriander as the supporting characters 

    1. 300g, chickpeas soaked for overnight
    2. 100g, potato boiled cut into a small cube shape
    3. ½ cup, tomatoes chopped
    4. ¼ cup, coriander leaves
    5. 1 tsp, green chilies finely chopped
    6. 2 tbsp, tamarind pulp
    7. ½ cup, homemade yogurt beaten
    8. ½ cup, onion thinly slices
    9. 1 tbsp, red chili flakes
    10. 1/6 tsp, baking soda
    11. ½ tsp, roasted crushed cumin seeds
    12. ½ tsp, roasted crushed coriander seeds
    13. 2 tbsp, sweet and sour tamarind sauce
    14. 100g,homemade papdi
    15. 1/3 cup, green raita chutney 
    16. 1 tsp, chaat masala 
    17. Salt to taste
    How to make the chana chole chaat?
    1. In a mixing bowl add boiled chickpeas, potato, tomato, coriander leaves, green chilies, red chili flakes, salt, onion, tamarind pulp, roasted and crushed cumin, and coriander seeds.
    2. Mix them together
    3. Then add plain yogurt, green chutney, chaat masala, sweet tamarind sauce mix them then at the end add papdi and sprinkle some chaat masala and red chili flakes over chana
    4. Now ready to eat and serve....
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